The President's Circle

God continually blesses Azusa Pacific University. From unexpected opportunities to revealed resources, His hand clearly guides the growth and direction of this institution. Perhaps the greatest blessing of all is the heart of the people who support APU—alumni, parents, friends, and family. And at the core of them is the President’s Circle, a group of people who give tirelessly of themselves to continue the work and vision of APU.

For each of these individuals, choosing to support APU begins as a commitment to give financially. With gifts of $1,000 and above, President’s Circle members help ensure the availability of resources in the University Fund, which helps provide scholarships to nearly 92 percent of the current student body.


Though consistent, generous donations qualify them for inclusion, members in this fellowship exhibit a commitment far beyond financial support. They promise to give of their time as well. Each individual brings a myriad of resources in the form of ideas, talents, creativity, and expertise. When called upon, President’s Circle members offer these resources for the betterment of the university.


Deeply believing in the mission and purpose of the school, those in the Circle also commit to promote Azusa Pacific University within their homes, their churches, and their communities. Given the opportunity, President’s Circle members help increase the awareness of APU’s vision, encouraging others to explore the university and the opportunities it offers to so many.


Finally, and most important, is their prayer support. Daily, the President’s Circle members pray for Azusa Pacific University, its students, its professors, and its leaders—a vital component of the life of the university today. As APU enters its second century of training Christian workers, growth continues at a rapid pace. New faces, new programs, and new buildings are the norm and change is the order of the day. Amidst this time of transition, there is an underlying peace that comes from knowing that in all, God is first.