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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go for academic advising?
If you have chosen a major, visit the department of your major to set up an appointment. If you have not yet selected a major (undeclared), visit the Office of Academic Advising and Retention.

Where can I get more information about General Education requirements?
More information is available on the General Education Requirements page. All questions regarding General Education can be directed to the Office of Academic Advising and Retention.

What is “reregistration”?
Preregistration is the period in October and March when you are recommended (or required in some majors) to set an appointment with your advisor and discuss the classes you are going to take the following semester. Your account will tell you your registration day and time.

When will I know it’s time for reregistration?
Keep in close contact with your major department, review the Academic Calendar, and refer to pages toward the back of the Undergraduate Catalog.

What is an Academic Requirement Report?
The Academic Requirement Report is an online degree audit tool for you to check your progress with the requirements for your major as well as for General Education. Find out how to access your Academic Requirement Report (PDF).

Do I need an on-campus mailbox for academic advising?
Every student should have and use an APU address. They are completely private and free of charge. To set up an on-campus mailbox, please visit the Student Post Office.

What academic advising tasks can I do with my account?
You can register for and add/drop classes, check grades, check holds on your account, review your GPA, look at your academic requirements, and more via your Advisement Report.

What is the next step if I couldn’t get online to register?
Go to One Stop: Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center and register in person. Remember to bring your advisor-signed registration sheet.

My Advisement Report is not accurate. Where can I go to make adjustments?
See One Stop.

How can I register if I have a hold on my student account?

If you have an Academic Advising hold:

If you have a hold from another office, (e.g. the Student Health Center, Chapel Programs, One Stop, major departments):

What do I need to do to declare my major?
Get a Major Update form from One Stop and have your new department sign it, then return the signed form to One Stop.

I have transfer units. How will this affect my General Education?
Check your student account to see how the units have transferred. If you have further questions, contact One Stop at (888) 788-6090.

Where can I add, drop, or amend my schedule after I have registered?
You may do so using your account or in person in One Stop.

Where can I go if I have more questions?
Come to the Office of Academic Advising and Retention. We’re here to help answer your questions, and we will let you know if you need to visit another office or department that can further assist you.