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Academic Probation

APU students must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to graduate (major departments may have higher expectations). Because of this, academic probation serves as a support system to ensure students move toward and are eligible for graduation. Current students are placed on academic probation for either of the following two reasons:

Students on academic probation:

Incoming students may be placed on academic probation by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions when necessary. Check with your admissions counselor if you think your academic status is in error.

When placed on academic probation, a comment is inserted into the student’s official transcript for the appropriate semester. An additional comment is then inserted to update the student’s transcript at the end of each probationary semester.

Frequently Asked Questions about Academic Probation

What happens at the end of the semester?

At the end of the semester, the Office of Academic Advising and Retention will check your grades. If your semester and cumulative GPAs are above a 2.0, you are off academic probation. If your semester GPA is above a 2.0 but your cumulative GPA is still below a 2.0, then academic probation continues. If your semester GPA is below a 2.0, or you have earned a D, F, or W (for students in their first semester at APU or students in a consequent probationary semester), then you will be academically dismissed from the university.

Can I petition my academic dismissal?

If you are academically dismissed for the first time, you have the right of appeal and may write a petition essay. Information about the appeal process will be sent to you with your dismissal letter. If you are dismissed for a second time, you need to enroll in another institution for at least two semesters full-time in academic core classes, and show academic success by maintaining letter grades of at least a C or higher. You may then apply for re-enrollment to APU.

If you were given the opportunity for a petition, and your petition was accepted, then you may continue at APU as a current student. You should verify that your classes, financial aid package, and housing are still in place for your return. Please note that as part of the petition approval, you will have to fulfill specific academic provisions and other requirements as determined by the university (i.e. mentoring or regular appointments with particular offices or centers).

Can I register if I am on academic probation? Will there be a hold on my student account?

Academic probation status does not prevent you from registering, but you can only enroll for up to 14 units.

What happens if I want to return to APU after academic dismissal?

If you wish to return to APU after two semesters of full-time academic core classes with grades C or better at another institution, you will need to apply for re-admission through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. It is helpful to begin a conversation with an admissions counselor at least midway through the semester prior to your anticipated return.