First-Generation Students

First-generation students are pioneers, the first in their family to attend college. The Office of Academic Advising and Retention seeks to provide comprehensive care to support first-generation students in their academic success and help empower them as they advance the opportunity paradigms of their families, including connecting students to additional on-campus resources. Two programs assist with providing this support on the journey to graduation:

Student Ambassador

First-generation college students at APU are automatically added to our email communications. A Student Ambassador (current undergraduate student) serves as a peer-to-peer mentor and sends monthly emails to students to provide important information that will guide them in all areas of their college experience. Timely reminders are sent to make sure they are aware of everything they need to do, as well as suggestions on how to get connected on campus.

First-Generation Student-Faculty Mentoring Program

This academic mentorship with faculty members is designed to help students thrive academically and inspire new leaders. Workshops cater to the specific needs of first-generation students to equip them with skills and information needed to successfully navigate the APU experience. Our goal is to see students return to APU each year and graduate prepared for what is ahead.

Additional Resources