Undeclared Students

The most common major for entering freshmen is “undeclared.” In other words, most students have not selected a major, yet. You will have time during your first four semesters to explore different classes and select a major. But don’t wait too long!

The Office of Academic Advising and Retention, in partnership with the Office of Career Services, can provide guides to assist you as you navigate your journey as an APU undeclared student. Our academic success coaches serve as a form of GPS or a road map to help you review and navigate APU’s General Education requirements and begin pre-registration. During the busy academic advising seasons, typically in October and March, we provide the convenience of drop-in advising. No appointments are necessary for undeclared students. Drop by anytime before or during the academic advising season and we’ll be glad to assist you.

If you have any questions or concerns about your journey as an undeclared student, drop by our office. Our academic success coaches are here to answer your questions or direct you to the best office or department that can further assist you along your way. Resources:

  • Home.apu.edu
  • Major Options Assessment
  • Major Update Form (Currently unavailable)
  • 2014–15 All Majors Four-year Plan Options

Additional Resources