Get Involved

Being involved is one of the best ways to stay up to date about events on campus. We value the time you commit to the university and want you to enjoy it by getting connected with the community here. We can’t wait to see you around campus!

Parent Interest Groups

By communicating with other parents through email and special events, affinity groups bond around a common interest, while regional groups bond around a geographic area.

Whether your student is an art major, biology major, an athlete, or in the theater program, you can find ways to connect and get involved with an affinity group. If you notice a parent in your area wearing an “APU Dad” baseball hat, strike up a conversation about your students attending APU, and join or create a regional group.

We are interested in starting more groups. If you are interested in starting an affinity or regional group, contact chapter coordinator Kristi Hawkins at to learn how to start one.


If you are interested in volunteering, email our office today! We are always looking for APU family members willing to do the following:

  • Open doors of opportunity for current students and graduates at your workplace.
  • Spiritually mentor a student through our Heart-to-Heart and Blueprint programs on campus.
  • Open your home for an alumni and/or parent event in your area.

Give to APU

College is expensive. Often, a student’s only hope for higher education is a scholarship. The APU University Fund subsidizes this hope, providing hundreds of deserving students with scholarship money every year. From this pool of resources, more than 92 percent of APU students draw the vital scholarships they need to follow their dreams at Azusa Pacific University. Please help support the ongoing need for scholarships for students by donating today! There are numerous ways to give to APU and help further students’ educations.