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This annual report captures stories of remarkable people, accomplishing incredible goals, overcoming odds, and making a Kingdom difference: The story of nine-year-old Nancy Cervantes captured the heart of this university through the Azusa Reads Program; the story of John and Marilyn Duke whose generosity fueled an academic vision; the story of Marianne Hattar, Ph.D., whose leadership elevates the academic standards of excellence in the School of Nursing; the story of the university's partnership with the Jascha Heifetz Society that brings world-renowned artists to the university; the story of a track and field coach who both empowers and disciples a world-class student athlete; and the story of God's miraculous blessing to the university through the construction of the Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center. Those narratives and many more have framed the story of a first-year president. This is our account of a training school established more than 100 years ago and the remarkable journey to Christian university status. It is also an unfolding tale of an academic community committed to impacting the world for Christ. What captures my imagination is the possible narrative that university constituents will read 20 years from now. Can you imagine stories of students not yet born, achieving great feats, and of the continued provision by God's miraculous hand? Are you as convinced as I am that what will be chronicled in 2020 will be measured by the impact of this university on the lives of its faculty, staff, and students?

This annual report celebrates the triumphs represented by new learning, changed lives, and dramatic growth. I want to thank each of you who have been involved with us. Your
fingerprints can clearly be seen on the pages and in the margins of this unfolding story.