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From a fledgling group of Christians that met in a living room, God called forth Azusa Pacific University. He had a plan. In obedience, His humble servants fostered the institution’s growth for more than 100 years.

John and Marilyn Duke are two such servants. Their generosity made possible the construction of the Duke Academic Complex located on APU's West Campus. But their interest extends beyond the brick and mortar of the building. The Dukes see their contribution as a way to further God's Kingdom.

Marilyn Duke, daughter of longtime Azusa Pacific benefactors Jim and Naomi Wilden, said, "We continue my parents' legacy because we believe in what APU is doing. The
university produces high-caliber Christian scholars, but it is the quality of people at APU, with their genuine integrity, that makes our involvement a sound partnership."
Solid people make solid investments. The Dukes view their investment in Azusa Pacific as a contribution to a Christian university and, ultimately, in the Kingdom of God. Carefully weighing their giving opportunities, the Dukes chose to support APU, primarily because of
the character of its administrators. "We are impressed by the leadership at APU," said Marilyn. "The more we learned about those guiding the university, the more certain we felt about our decision to give."