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2003 Annual Report - Azusa Pacific University
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A Guardian of God's Work 

Jeannie Webb Pascale noticed there was something special about Azusa Pacific University the first time she visited the school with her son, Ghahre. “There was a tenderness that struck me,” said the President’s Circle donor and alumnus’ mother. “The more often I visited, the more I fell in love with APU. It was the heart of the people I noticed first, particularly in [then president] Richard Felix. He was so real and genuine – never ‘above,’ simply ‘with.’”

When Ghahre enrolled, Webb Pascale became even more enamored with APU. “Ghahre began to grow and develop in every area, and I realized how APU developed young people into godly men and women. It was so exciting to see the impact of this place, and I wanted to support it.”

Through prayer, friendship, and service (she is a current Board of Trustees member), Webb Pascale does just that. She also gives generously to the University Fund which underwrites student scholarships. “A Christian education is so important,” she said. “Those who cannot afford it shouldn’t be denied. At many universities, funds are plentiful for those without means, and there is always room for those with their own resources. Those in the middle, however, often fall through the net. I have seen APU reach out for those that would have fallen through that net time and time again. They are always so wise with their distribution of funds.”

Webb Pascale’s love affair with Azusa Pacific is contagious. In Texas, where she has helped establish an education fund, she tells everyone within earshot about the university. “I tell them, ‘Go to APU! It is the best Christian university!’ From the complete support of the administration to the unmatched chapel experience to the caring faculty to the excellent academics, APU has it all,” she said. “Inclusiveness is the best word I can use to describe it. From the president on down, the APU family constantly portrays their faith, honesty, integrity, and most importantly, total coverage in the Lord.”

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