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2003 Annual Report - Azusa Pacific University  
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Letter from the President  

Dear Friends,

The lingering impact of the recession has challenged all of those in higher education. Indeed, the 2002-03 academic year created near unprecedented challenges in this regard across the nation. Here in the state of California, the University of California, state university, and community college systems were overwhelmed by record enrollments and underfunded due to budget cutbacks. This brought renewed interest in and highlighted the academic momentum at Azusa Pacific University.

Through God’s great hand of blessing, we experienced a record-setting year in giving. In addition, nearly $30 million in construction was completed. And we were privileged to fill many critical new positions in both faculty and staff. Beyond the truly remarkable numbers that these gains represent, the university made significant advancement in building a culture of scholarship.

In this annual report, you will read about two alumni, the first students from Azusa Pacific University to receive Fulbright appointments. You will learn about the impact of two significant grants from the Lilly Endowment, Inc. that form a solid foundation for both our scholarship and our discipleship.

Where do we go from here? Some hint of that can be found with Dr. Pamela Christian and her leadership in moving the university toward God-honoring diversity. A hint of the future can also be found with Dr. Terence Cannings and his insightful thinking about distributed learning as a model for providing excellent education in an accessible fashion.

But perhaps the best answer to this important query lies at the heart of what this annual report is built on – a firm belief that we have been guided for 104 years by our motto, God First.

The next strides made by this institution will be dependent on His plan and our obedience.


Jon R. Wallace, DBA

Christ Scholarship Community Service