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Course Requirements

Core Courses
BMGT 301
Dynamics of Group Behavior
BMGT 302
Adult Development and Learning Assessment
BMGT 303
Introduction to Research Methodology
BMGT 304
Organizational Analysis
BMGT 306
The Bible and Business Ethics
BMGT 307
Managerial Communication
BMGT 401
Directed Study: Applied Research Project I
BMGT 402
Directed Study: Applied Research Project II
BMGT 408
Introduction to Data Analysis and Presentation
BMGT 409
Cultural Influences in the Workplace
BMGT 410
Principles of Management and Supervision
BMGT 411
A Christian Worldview and the Professions
BMGT 412
Integrating Managerial Principles with Practice
BMGT 413
Leadership and Change
Total39 units

Transfer Work

Azusa Pacific University will accept credit for equivalent courses from schools accredited by regional agencies recognized by Council for Higher Education Administration (CHEA).

Correspondence Course Credit

A maximum of nine semester units of correspondence credit may be applied toward an Azusa Pacific University degree. Students must receive prior approval from the PES Registrar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Online programs may include requirements, procedures, and policies unique to the university's more traditional programs. For more information on how to get started in an APU online program, contact us at (877) 816-6546 or at

How many units are in this program?
The program requires 39 semester units. A total minimum of 126 units are required for graduation with the B.S. degree.

Are scholarships available?
Several types of financial aid are available. The resources range from federal loans and state grants, to fellowships and scholarships. For details about financial aid programs, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services in the School of Adult and Professional Studies at (626) 815-5301.

How often do I need to be online for the online program?
You must be online sufficiently throughout each week to participate in threaded discussions and to complete all assignments by their designated deadlines. However, there is no prescribed amount of time that you will be required to be online because assignments and their deadlines will vary throughout each course.

Will I have to complete any part of my Online BSOL program at an APU campus location?
No. You can complete your online leadership degree entirely online. No campus visits or meetings are required.

How many cohorts have completed this program?
More than 150 cohorts of adult students have successfully completed the BSOL Program, with new groups forming continually.

How soon can I finish this program?
This program can be completed in 15 months.

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.