Having Faith to Move a Mountain

by Meghan Kyle '13

“My faith is so much stronger. Your understanding changes when you travel abroad,” said Grant Bridges ’12, a senior Business Administration major. This summer, Bridges decided to go on a mission trip to the Himalayas and discovered that having faith to move a mountain was no longer a metaphor for him, but a reality.

It wasn’t until his junior year that Bridges felt ready, spiritually and mentally, to embark on a journey that would not only challenge his faith, but open his heart to new understanding. “I couldn’t wait to get involved with Team Himalayas and begin this incredible opportunity.” Going in with no expectations and ready and willing to advance the work of God in another country, Bridges set out to help the people of the Himalayas in any way possible.

When the team arrived, they experienced first-hand how different their culture was, but how quickly the people accepted them. “The power of prayer was huge,” he said. “When we would ask to pray with them, they openly accepted. Everyone was offering up prayers.”

While in the Himalayas, the team ministered in the city of Darjeeling. They traveled to different slums in the city, helped at a food distribution unit, and worked at a local teen outreach. “They were open to learning from us, and at the same time, I was learning just as much as they were,” he said.

For Bridges, the willingness of the Himalayan people acknowledging prayer and gratitude made him begin to think of differences seen in the U.S. “There was a greater appreciation for prayer. I started thinking, ‘when we pray, are we acknowledging God or ourselves?’”

As his trip came to an end, Bridges began to realize that the distractions of everyday life and comfort of home created a challenge of staying connected and immensely faithful to God. “It seems as though we turn to God last rather than turning to Him immediately. But we need to realize that God’s love is tangible and He has blessed us beyond belief.”

Now that he is home, Bridges plans to live out the realizations he made on the trip. “The opportunities are endless,” he said. “I learned to appreciate the ministry that I see in my own back yard. I feel like we sometimes forget that we need to continue living with a mission mindset daily.”

As Bridges shared, with faith in the Lord, you can go beyond the unyielding decisions of life and overcome the mountainous obstacles that hinder you from growing an immeasurable relationship with Him. Remember, mountains move a little each day, and with faith, all things are possible.