Acrobatics & Tumbling


Two @azusapacific student-athletes nominated by @ThePacWest for 2016 NCAA Woman of the Year.
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A Tradition of Excellence

Azusa Pacific University’s Acrobatics & Tumbling team prides itself on a being part of history. As a founding member of the National Collegiate Stunts and Tumbling Association (NCSTA), the Acrobatics & Tumbling team has created more opportunities for female athletes at APU. This sport’s unique format combines many athletic activities into a new, unique, and exciting sport. Because of a tradition of athletic excellence, the team continues to grow. Setting high goals and striving to keep God First, APU stunters and tumblers are women of achievement and character within their communities.

Azusa Pacific’s Acrobatics & Tumbling team travels around the state and across the country, competing against other teams. With six meets scheduled for the 2010–2011 season, APU looks forward to the challenge of facing off against some of the nation’s top athletes.

Program Goals

  • Facilitate spiritual, academic, and athletic success in each athlete
  • Represent both APU and Jesus Christ with excellence
  • Pioneer acrobatics and tumbling with integrity and excitement
  • Become ambassadors for acrobatics and tumbling, female athletes, APU, and Christ

Program Distinctives

  • God First—always
  • Scholarships available based on need and talent
  • Only university in California with a Acrobatics & Tumbling team
  • One of two acrobatics & tumbling teams on the West Coast
  • Opportunity to compete against PAC-10, Big 12, and ACC teams

Our Schedule

The Acrobatics & Tumbling team practices three to four times a week beginning at the end of August. Practice schedules during the school year are based upon a variety of factors, including the class schedules of our upper-classmen. Mandatory preseason workouts are held each summer at APU two weeks before classes start. Due to the time commitment involved with the Acrobatics & Tumbling team, athletes cannot participate in a music ensemble, theater production, or intramural sport. The competition schedule for 2010-11 will include approximately eight events, including six NCSTA sanctioned meets.

Recent Achievements


  • Second Place, Duck Invitational
  • Second Place, USA Nationals
    (cheerleading competition)
  • National Champions, NCA Nationals
    (cheerleading competition)


  • West Coast Champions, UCA
  • Second Place, USA Nationals
  • Sixth Place, NCA Nationals
  • Champions, King of the Bleachers
  • Champions, Xtreme Games
  • Champions, FCC West Coast
  • Champions, Best of the West


  • Sixth Place, NCA Nationals
  • First Place, West Coast Champions, UCA
  • Third Place, USA Nationals


  • Fourth Place, NCA Nationals
  • First Place, West Coast Champions, UCA
  • Third Place, USA Nationals


  • Fifth Place, NCA Nationals
  • Second Place, USA Nationals