Acrobatics & Tumbling


Former @APUBaseball hurler Josh Staumont with a solid start in his second double-A appearance #NCAADII
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Joining the Acrobatics & Tumbling Team

It’s never too early to begin your college search, and to find out about being part of California’s only Acrobatics & Tumbling team!

If you are interested in being a part of APU’s Acrobatics & Tumbling team, please start by completing our recruitment form so that we can get to know you a little bit.

Please note that you must also apply for undergraduate admission before you will be considered.


If you are interested in an athletic scholarship, we encourage you to submit a video during the fall semester for early signing, but we must receive your video submission no later than November 1 by 4 p.m. For late signing, your video submission needs to be in no later than may 1. You may upload it to a website (e.g., YouTube) and email us the link. Also, submit unofficial transcripts from your current school via email (.doc or .pdf). We will offer Letters of Intent throughout the year, but will not have a traditional tryout for scholarships.

When submitting a video, please include:

  • All stunting abilities.
  • All tumbling skills (standing and running). Please no spring floor.
  • Two jumps (one must be a toe-touch, and jumps to standing tumbling are encouraged).

Email videos and transcripts to Kara Meier at

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