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Former @APUBaseball hurler Josh Staumont with a solid start in his second double-A appearance #NCAADII
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What's in a Name?

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January 18, 2010

APU's former competition cheerleading team has decided it's time for a change. To go along with their increasing talent and new focus as strictly a competition team, they have elected to adopt the name Stunt & Tumbling Team. Though pioneering this sport name for NAIA, they are joining the likes of University of Oregon, Baylor University, and University of Maryland in participating in the National Competitive Stunts & Tumbling Association(NCSTA).

"Our philosophy hasn't changed: We are student athletes who strive to excel in our sport." says Colleen Kausrud, Head Coach of the Stunts & Tumbling Team. "We beleive in the intentional focus of the sport, and are excited to be stepping out with other outstanding universities." APU will be traveling to the University of Oregon later this season to particpate in a new meet formatted event, also a first for this sport.

APU opens their competition season January 23rd in San Diego.

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