The @apupolo teams completes UCSB Invitational with solid effort against #5 Arizona State before beating @SonomaSeawolves 13-6 in final game
1 day ago


Season 2015
Jan3(Sat)Women's Basketball: *HOLY NAMES @ AzusaW, 91-548-54-2
3(Sat)Men's Basketball: *HOLY NAMES @ AzusaW, 94-7013-16-0
10(Sat)Women's Basketball: *DOMINICAN @ AzusaW, 60-549-55-2
10(Sat)Men's Basketball: *DOMINICAN @ AzusaW, 74-7114-17-0
12(Mon)Women's Basketball: *ACADEMY OF ART @ AzusaL, 66-699-65-3
12(Mon)Men's Basketball: *ACADEMY OF ART @ AzusaW, 87-6315-18-0
17(Sat)Track & Field: CA Indoor State Meet Qualifier @ AzusaResults (PDF)
Results (Excel)
17(Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: Cal State East Bay @ Hayward, Calif.L, 109-1792-3
17(Sat)Women's Basketball: *Dixie State @ St. George, UtahW, 73-6110-66-3
17(Sat)Men's Basketball: *Dixie State @ St. George, UtahL, 91-97 (OT)15-28-1
21(Wed)Women's Basketball: *POINT LOMA @ AzusaL, 57-68 (OT)10-76-4
21(Wed)Men's Basketball: *POINT LOMA @ AzusaW, 74-6416-29-1
23(Fri)Women's Water Polo: UC Santa Barbara @ Santa Barbara, Calif.L, 1-160-1
23(Fri)Women's Water Polo: California @ Santa Barbara, Calif.L, 5-240-2
24(Sat)Track & Field: Bronco Invitational @ Boise, IdahoResults
24(Sat)Women's Basketball: *DIXIE STATE @ AzusaW, 90-6011-77-4
24(Sat)Men's Basketball: *DIXIE STATE @ AzusaW, 72-6917-210-1
24(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Arizona State @ Santa Barbara, Calif.L, 8-160-3
24(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Sonoma State @ Santa Barbara, Calif.W, 13-61-3
29(Thu)Women's Basketball: *BYU-Hawaii @ Laie, Hawai'i5 p.m. (HST)
29(Thu)Men's Basketball: *BYU-Hawaii @ Laie, Hawai‘i7:30 p.m. (HST)
30–31(Fri–Sat)Track & Field: Northern Arizona Mountain T's Invitational @ Flagstaff, Ariz.Friday: 9 a.m. (MST)
Saturday: 8 a.m. (MST)
Meet Info
30–31(Fri–Sat)Track & Field: UW Invitational (distance) @ Seattle, Wash.TBA
31(Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: Pepperdine @ Malibu, Calif.10 a.m.
31(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Concordia @ Riverside, Calif.10:15 a.m.
31(Sat)Women's Basketball: *Hawai'i Pacific @ Honolulu, Hawai'i1 p.m. (HST)
31(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Cal State Northridge @ Riverside, Calif.3:15 p.m.
31(Sat)Men's Basketball: *Hawai‘i Pacific @ Honolulu, Hawai‘i3 p.m. (HST)
Feb2(Mon)Baseball: at Cal State San Bernardino @ San Bernardino, Calif.6 p.m.
2(Mon)Women's Basketball: *Hawai'i Hilo @ Hilo, Hawai'i5 p.m. (HST)
2(Mon)Men's Basketball: *Hawai‘i Hilo @ Hilo, Hawai‘i7:30 p.m. (HST)
4(Wed)Women's Tennis: Cal State Fullerton @ Fullerton, Calif.1:30 p.m.
4(Wed)Softball: UC San Diego (DH) @ La Jolla, Calif.3 p.m.
4(Wed)Acrobatics & Tumbling: OREGON @ Azusa6:30 p.m.
5(Thu)Baseball: Cal State Monterey Bay @ Seaside, Calif.2 p.m.
6(Fri)Baseball: Cal State Monterey Bay (DH) @ Seaside, Calif.11 a.m.
6(Fri)Women's Tennis: Point Loma @ San Diego, Calif.2 p.m.
6(Fri)Men's Tennis: UC San Diego @ La Jolla, Calif.3:30 p.m.
7(Sat)Track & Field: Westmont Sunshine Invitational @ Santa Barbara, Calif.TBA
7(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Occidental @ Whittier, Calif.9 a.m.
7(Sat)Men's Tennis: Point Loma @ San Diego, Calif.10 a.m.
7(Sat)Women's Tennis: UC San Diego @ San Diego, Calif.10 a.m.
7(Sat)Baseball: Cal State Monterey Bay @ Seaside, Calif.11 a.m.
7(Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: Concordia/Biola @ La Mirada, Calif.11 a.m.
7(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Redlands @ Whittier, Calif.3 p.m.
7(Sat)Women's Basketball: *California Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.5 p.m.
7(Sat)Men's Basketball: *California Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.7 p.m.
10(Tue)Softball: CAL STATE SAN BERNARDINO (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
12(Thu)Women's Basketball: *BYU-HAWAII @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
12(Thu)Men's Basketball: *BYU-HAWAII @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
13–14(Fri–Sat)Track & Field: NAU Invitational @ Flagstaff, Ariz.TBA
13–14(Fri–Sat)Softball: Desert Stinger Tournament @ Las Vegas, Nev.All Day
13(Fri)Softball: Cal State Dominguez Hills @ Las Vegas, Nev.11:30 a.m.
13(Fri)Softball: Cal State Monterey Bay @ Las Vegas, Nev.2 p.m.
13(Fri)Baseball: CAL POLY POMONA @ Azusa5 p.m.
13(Fri)Women's Water Polo: UC San Diego @ Davis, Calif.6 p.m.
13(Fri)Softball: Saint Martin's @ Las Vegas, Nev.7 p.m.
14(Sat)Track & Field: UW Indoor Invitational (distance) @ Seattle, Wash.TBA
14(Sat)Women's Water Polo: California @ Davis, Calif.9:15 a.m.
14(Sat)Men's Tennis: VANGUARD @ Azusa11 a.m.
14(Sat)Women's Tennis: VANGUARD @ Azusa11 a.m.
14(Sat)Baseball: at Cal Poly Pomona @ Pomona, Calif.12 p.m.
14(Sat)Women's Water Polo: UC Davis @ Davis, Calif.1:15 p.m.
14(Sat)Softball: Simon Fraser @ Las Vegas, Nev.4:30 p.m.
14(Sat)Women's Basketball: *HAWAI'I PACIFIC @ Azusa6 p.m.
14(Sat)Softball: Minot State @ Las Vegas, Nev.7 p.m.
14(Sat)Men's Basketball: *HAWAI‘I PACIFIC @ Azusa8 p.m.
16(Mon)Baseball: Montana State Billings(DH) @ St. George, Utah1 p.m.
16(Mon)Softball: ADELPHI (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
16(Mon)Women's Basketball: *CHAMINADE @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
16(Mon)Men's Basketball: *CHAMINADE @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
17(Tue)Baseball: Montana State Billings @ St. George, Utah11 a.m.
17(Tue)Acrobatics & Tumbling: HAWAI'I PACIFIC @ Azusa6:30 p.m.
18–21(Wed–Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: PCSC Championships @ La Mirada, Calif.All Day
19(Thu)Men's Tennis: WESTERN NEW MEXICO @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
19(Thu)Women's Tennis: WESTERN NEW MEXICO @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
20(Fri)Track & Field: NAU Tune-Up @ Flagstaff, Ariz.TBA
20(Fri)Men's Tennis: HOLY NAMES @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
20(Fri)Women's Tennis: HOLY NAMES @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
20(Fri)Softball: *ACADEMY OF ART (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
21(Sat)Men's Tennis: CONCORDIA @ Azusa9 a.m.
21(Sat)Women's Tennis: CONCORDIA @ Azusa9 a.m.
21(Sat)Softball: *ACADEMY OF ART (DH) @ Azusa11 a.m.
21(Sat)Women's Basketball: *CALIFORNIA BAPTIST @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
21(Sat)Men's Basketball: *CALIFORNIA BAPTIST @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
23(Mon)Women's Tennis: CAL STATE L.A. @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
24(Tue)Baseball: UC SAN DIEGO @ Azusa6 p.m.
25(Wed)Women's Tennis: WESTMONT @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
26(Thu)Women's Tennis: BYU HAWAII @ Azusa12 p.m.
26(Thu)Men's Tennis: BYU HAWAI`I @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
27(Fri)Women's Water Polo: Cal Lutheran @ Thousand Oaks, Calif.10:30 a.m.
27(Fri)Baseball: *at Academy of Art (DH) @ San Francisco, Calif.11 a.m.
27(Fri)Women's Water Polo: Villanova @ Thousand Oaks, Calif.2:15 p.m.
27(Fri)Softball: *NOTRE DAME DE NAMUR (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
28(Sat)Track & Field: Rossi Relays @ Claremont, Calif.TBA
28(Sat)Women's Water Polo: La Verne @ Thousand Oaks, Calif.10:15 a.m.
28(Sat)Baseball: *at Academy of Art (DH) @ San Francisco, Calif.11 a.m.
28(Sat)Softball: *NOTRE DAME DE NAMUR (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
28(Sat)Women's Basketball: *FRESNO PACIFIC @ Azusa1 p.m.
28(Sat)Men's Basketball: *FRESNO PACIFIC @ Azusa3 p.m.
28(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Cal State East Bay @ Thousand Oaks, Calif.4:30 p.m.
Mar2(Mon)Softball: *HOLY NAMES (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
5–7(Thu–Sat)Men's Basketball: PacWest Tournament @ Irvine, Calif.All Day
5–7(Thu–Sat)Women's Basketball: *PacWest Tournament @ Irvine, Calif.All Day
6(Fri)Men's Tennis: WESTMONT @ Azusa2 p.m.
6(Fri)Softball: *Hawai'i Hilo (DH) @ Hilo, Hawai'i12 p.m. (HST)
6(Fri)Baseball: *POINT LOMA (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
7(Sat)Baseball: *POINT LOMA (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
7(Sat)Softball: *Hawai'i Hilo (DH) @ Hilo, Hawai'i12 p.m. (HST)
9(Mon)Women's Tennis: SAN DIEGO CHRISTIAN @ Azusa12:30 p.m.
9(Mon)Men's Tennis: SAN DIEGO CHRISTIAN @ Azusa2 p.m.
9(Mon)Acrobatics & Tumbling: BAYLOR @ Azusa6:30 p.m.
9(Mon)Softball: *Chaminade (DH) @ Waipio, Hawai'i4:30 p.m. (HST)
10(Tue)Baseball: Cal State L.A. @ Los Angeles, Calif.6 p.m.
11(Wed)Women's Tennis: EMORY @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
11(Wed)Softball: *Hawai'i Pacific (DH) @ Honolulu, Hawai'iTBA
12(Thu)Men's Tennis: ROCHESTER @ Azusa, Calif.1:30 p.m.
12(Thu)Baseball: *at Fresno Pacific @ Fresno, Calif.6 p.m.
13–14(Fri–Sat)Track & Field: NCAA Division II Indoor National Championships @ Birmingham, Ala.TBA
13(Fri)Softball: *BYU-Hawaii (DH) @ Laie, Hawai'i1 p.m. (HST)
13(Fri)Baseball: *at Fresno Pacific (DH) @ Fresno, Calif.4 p.m.
14(Sat)Men's Tennis: ST EDWARDS @ Azusa11 a.m.
14(Sat)Baseball: *at Fresno Pacific @ Fresno, Calif.12 p.m.
14(Sat)Softball: *BYU-Hawaii (DH) @ Laie, Hawai'i12 p.m. (HST)
16(Mon)Men's Tennis: Armstrong @ UC San Diego2:30 p.m.
16(Mon)Women's Tennis: Armstrong @ UC San Diego2:30 p.m.
16(Mon)Acrobatics & Tumbling: Oregon (tri-meet with Fairmont State) @ Eugene, Ore.6:30 p.m.
17(Tue)Men's Tennis: Hawaii Pacific @ UC San Diego10 a.m.
17(Tue)Women's Tennis: Hawai`i Pacific @ La Jolla, Calif.10 a.m.
18(Wed)Men's Tennis: COLORADO CHRISTIAN @ Azusa2 p.m.
18(Wed)Women's Tennis: COLORADO CHRISTIAN @ Azusa2 p.m.
19(Thu)Women's Tennis: CONNECTICUT @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
20(Fri)Men's Tennis: AMHERST @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
21(Sat)Women's Water Polo: PACIFIC * @ Glendora, Calif.11 a.m.
21(Sat)Men's Tennis: POINT LOMA @ Azusa11 a.m.
21(Sat)Women's Tennis: POINT LOMA @ Azusa11 a.m.
21(Sat)Softball: *California Baptist (DH) @ Riverside, Calif.12 p.m.
21(Sat)Baseball: *HAWAI`I HILO (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
23(Mon)Baseball: *HAWAI`I HILO (DH) @ Azusa3 p.m.
23(Mon)Softball: CAL STATE SAN MARCOS (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
24(Tue)Men's Tennis: WILLIAMS @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
25(Wed)Women's Tennis: MIDDLEBURY @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
26(Thu)Women's Water Polo: Loyola Marymount* @ Los Angeles, Calif.4 p.m.
27(Fri)Track & Field: Aztec Invitational @ San Diego, Calif.TBA
27–28(Fri–Sat)Softball: Tournament of Champions @ Turlock, Calif.All Day
27(Fri)Softball: Saint Martin's @ Turlock, Calif.10 a.m.
27(Fri)Softball: San Francisco State @ Turlock, Calif.1:30 p.m.
27(Fri)Men's Tennis: HAWAII HILO @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
27(Fri)Women's Tennis: HAWAI`I HILO @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
27(Fri)Baseball: *HAWAI`I PACIFIC (DH) @ Azusa3 p.m.
27(Fri)Softball: Humboldt State @ Turlock, Calif.4:15 p.m.
28(Sat)Softball: Cal State Dominguez Hills @ Turlock, Calif.8:45 a.m.
28(Sat)Women's Water Polo: FRESNO PACIFIC* @ Glendora, Calif.11 a.m.
28(Sat)Baseball: *HAWAI`I PACIFIC (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
28(Sat)Softball: Cal State East Bay @ Turlock, Calif.1:15 p.m.
28(Sat)Acrobatics & Tumbling: Baylor @ Waco, TexasTBA
31(Tue)Women's Tennis: Cal State LA @ Los Angeles, Calif.11 a.m.
31(Tue)Baseball: CAL STATE DOMINGUEZ HILLS @ Azusa6 p.m.
Apr1(Wed)Men's Tennis: LEWIS & CLARK @ Azusa1:30 p.m.
2(Thu)Softball: BIOLA (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
2(Thu)Women's Water Polo: CAL BAPTIST* @ Glendora, Calif.5 p.m.
3(Fri)Women's Tennis: ACADEMY OF ART @ Azusa1 p.m.
4(Sat)Track & Field: Cal-Nevada Collegiate Championships @ San Diego, Calif.TBA
4(Sat)Track & Field: Pomona-Pitzer Invitational @ Claremont, Calif.10 a.m.
4(Sat)Men's Tennis: UC SAN DIEGO @ Azusa1 p.m.
7(Tue)Baseball: UC San Diego @ La Jolla, Calif.6 p.m.
8(Wed)Women's Water Polo: POMONA-PITZER @ Glendora, Calif.5 p.m.
10(Fri)Baseball: *at Holy Names (DH) @ Oakland, Calif.12 a.m.
10(Fri)Women's Water Polo: San Diego State* @ San Diego, Calif.6 p.m.
11(Sat)Baseball: *at Holy Names (DH) @ Oakland, Calif.12 a.m.
11(Sat)Track & Field: Mangrum Invitational @ San Marcos, Calif.TBA
11(Sat)Women's Tennis: UC SAN DIEGO @ Azusa11 a.m.
11(Sat)Softball: *CALIFORNIA BAPTIST (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
11(Sat)Men's Tennis: CLAREMONT MUDD SCRIPPS @ Azusa3 p.m.
15–16(Wed–Thu)Track & Field: MT. SAC RELAYS COMBINED EVENTS @ AzusaTBA
15–18(Wed–Sat)Men's Tennis: Pacific West Conference Tournament @ Surprise, Ariz.All Day
15–18(Wed–Sat)Women's Tennis: Pacific West Conference Tournament @ Sunrise, Ariz.All Day
16(Thu)Track & Field: Hammer & Hot Dogs @ Cerritos, Calif.TBA
16–18(Thu–Sat)Track & Field: Mt. SAC Relays @ Walnut, Calif.TBA
16(Thu)Baseball: *at California Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.6 p.m.
17(Fri)Track & Field: BRYAN CLAY INVITATIONAL @ AzusaTBA
17(Fri)Softball: Cal State San Marcos (DH) @ San Marcos, Calif.3 p.m.
17(Fri)Baseball: *at California Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.6 p.m.
18(Sat)Baseball: *at California Baptist (DH) @ Riverside, Calif.12 p.m.
18(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Santa Clara* @ Santa Clara, Calif.1 p.m.
22(Wed)Softball: VANGUARD (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
23–25(Thu–Sat)Acrobatics & Tumbling: NCATA National Championships @ Fairmont, West VirginiaTBA
23(Thu)Women's Water Polo: GCC Championships @ Stockton, Calif.All Day
23(Thu)Baseball: *DIXIE STATE @ Azusa3 p.m.
24(Fri)Women's Water Polo: GCC Championships @ Stockton, Calif.All Day
24–25(Fri–Sat)Track & Field: Triton Invitational @ La Jolla, Calif.TBA
24(Fri)Softball: *Dixie State (DH) @ St. George, Utah2:30 p.m. (MDT)
24(Fri)Baseball: *DIXIE STATE (DH) @ Azusa2 p.m.
25(Sat)Women's Water Polo: GCC Championships @ Stockton, Calif.All Day
25(Sat)Softball: *Dixie State (DH) @ St. George, Utah12 p.m. (MDT)
25(Sat)Baseball: *DIXIE STATE @ Azusa12 p.m.
27(Mon)Softball: *DOMINICAN (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
29(Wed)Baseball: FRESNO PACIFIC @ Azusa6 p.m.
30(Thu)Baseball: FRESNO PACIFIC @ Azusa2 p.m.
May2(Sat)Track & Field: Steve Scott Invitational @ Irvine, Calif.TBA
2(Sat)Women's Tennis: NCAA Regionals @ 12 p.m.
6(Wed)Baseball: Fresno Pacific @ Fresno, Calif.6 p.m.
7(Thu)Baseball: Fresno Pacific @ Fresno, Calif.2 p.m.
9(Sat)Track & Field: Occidental Invitational @ Los Angeles, Calif.TBA
13–16(Wed–Sat)Men's Tennis: NCAA National Tournament @ All Day
13–16(Wed–Sat)Women's Tennis: NCAA National Tournament @ Surprise, Ariz.All Day
21–23(Thu–Sat)Track & Field: NCAA Division II Outdoor National Championships @ Allendale, Mich.TBA

*Conference game