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Season 2015
Jan3(Sat)Women's Basketball: *HOLY NAMES @ Azusa1 p.m.
3(Sat)Men's Basketball: *HOLY NAMES @ Azusa3 p.m.
10(Sat)Women's Basketball: *DOMINICAN @ Azusa1 p.m.
10(Sat)Men's Basketball: *DOMINICAN @ Azusa3 p.m.
12(Mon)Women's Basketball: *ACADEMY OF ART @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
12(Mon)Men's Basketball: *ACADEMY OF ART @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
17(Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: Cal State East Bay @ Hayward, Calif.10 a.m.
17(Sat)Women's Basketball: *Dixie State @ St. George, UtahTBA
17(Sat)Men's Basketball: *Dixie State @ St. George, UtahTBA
21(Wed)Women's Basketball: *POINT LOMA @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
21(Wed)Men's Basketball: *POINT LOMA @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
23(Fri)Women's Water Polo: UCSB Winter Invitational @ Santa Barbara, Calif.All Day
24(Sat)Women's Water Polo: UCSB Winter Invitational @ Santa Barbara, Calif.All Day
24(Sat)Women's Basketball: *DIXIE STATE @ Azusa1 p.m.
24(Sat)Men's Basketball: *DIXIE STATE @ Azusa3 p.m.
29(Thu)Women's Basketball: *BYU-Hawaii @ Laie, Hawai'iTBA
29(Thu)Men's Basketball: *BYU-Hawaii @ Laie, Hawai‘iTBA
31(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Cal Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.All Day
31(Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: Pepperdine @ Malibu, Calif.10 a.m.
31(Sat)Women's Basketball: *Hawai'i Pacific @ Honolulu, Hawai'iTBA
31(Sat)Men's Basketball: *Hawai‘i Pacific @ Honolulu, Hawai‘iTBA
Feb2(Mon)Women's Basketball: *Hawai'i Hilo @ Hilo, Hawai'iTBA
2(Mon)Men's Basketball: *Hawai‘i Hilo @ Hilo, Hawai‘iTBA
4(Wed)Softball: UC San Diego (DH) @ La Jolla, Calif.3 p.m.
7(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Occidental @ Whittier, Calif.9 a.m.
7(Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: Concordia/Biola @ La Mirada, Calif.11 a.m.
7(Sat)Women's Water Polo: Whittier @ Whittier, Calif.3 p.m.
7(Sat)Women's Basketball: *California Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.5 p.m.
7(Sat)Men's Basketball: *California Baptist @ Riverside, Calif.7 p.m.
10(Tue)Softball: CAL STATE SAN BERNARDINO (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
12(Thu)Women's Basketball: *BYU-HAWAII @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
12(Thu)Men's Basketball: *BYU-HAWAII @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
13(Fri)Women's Water Polo: UC Davis Tournament @ Davis, Calif.All Day
13–14(Fri–Sat)Softball: Desert Stinger Tournament @ Las Vegas, Nev.TBA
14(Sat)Women's Water Polo: UC Davis Tournament @ Davis, Calif.All Day
14(Sat)Women's Basketball: *HAWAI'I PACIFIC @ Azusa6 p.m.
14(Sat)Men's Basketball: *HAWAI‘I PACIFIC @ Azusa8 p.m.
16(Mon)Softball: ADELPHI (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
16(Mon)Women's Basketball: *CHAMINADE @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
16(Mon)Men's Basketball: *CHAMINADE @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
18–21(Wed–Sat)Women's Swimming & Diving: PCSC Championships @ La Mirada, Calif.All Day
20(Fri)Softball: *ACADEMY OF ART (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
21(Sat)Softball: *ACADEMY OF ART (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
21(Sat)Women's Basketball: *CALIFORNIA BAPTIST @ Azusa5:30 p.m.
21(Sat)Men's Basketball: *CALIFORNIA BAPTIST @ Azusa7:30 p.m.
27(Fri)Softball: *NOTRE DAME DE NAMUR (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
28(Sat)Softball: *NOTRE DAME DE NAMUR (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
28(Sat)Women's Basketball: *FRESNO PACIFIC @ Azusa1 p.m.
28(Sat)Men's Basketball: *FRESNO PACIFIC @ Azusa3 p.m.
Mar2(Mon)Softball: *HOLY NAMES (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
5–7(Thu–Sat)Men's Basketball: PacWest Tournament @ Irvine, Calif.All Day
5–7(Thu–Sat)Women's Basketball: *PacWest Tournament @ Irvine, Calif.All Day
6(Fri)Softball: *Hawai'i Hilo (DH) @ Hilo, Hawai'i12 p.m. (HST)
7(Sat)Softball: *Hawai'i Hilo (DH) @ Hilo, Hawai'i12 p.m. (HST)
9(Mon)Softball: *Chaminade (DH) @ Honolulu, Hawai'iTBA
11(Wed)Softball: *Hawai'i Pacific (DH) @ Honolulu, Hawai'iTBA
13(Fri)Softball: *BYU-Hawaii (DH) @ Laie, Hawai'iTBA
14(Sat)Softball: *BYU-Hawaii (DH) @ Laie, Hawai'iTBA
21(Sat)Women's Water Polo: PACIFIC * @ Glendora, Calif.11 a.m.
21(Sat)Softball: *California Baptist (DH) @ Riverside, Calif.12 p.m.
23(Mon)Softball: CAL STATE SAN MARCOS (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
26(Thu)Women's Water Polo: Loyola Marymount* @ Los Angeles, Calif.4 p.m.
27–28(Fri–Sat)Softball: Tournament of Champions @ Turlock, Calif.TBA
28(Sat)Women's Water Polo: FRESNO PACIFIC* @ Glendora, Calif.11 a.m.
Apr2(Thu)Softball: BIOLA (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
2(Thu)Women's Water Polo: CAL BAPTIST* @ Glendora, Calif.5 p.m.
8(Wed)Women's Water Polo: POMONA-PITZER @ Glendora, Calif.5 p.m.
10(Fri)Women's Water Polo: San Diego State* @ San Diego, Calif.6 p.m.
11(Sat)Softball: *CALIFORNIA BAPTIST (DH) @ Azusa12 p.m.
17(Fri)Softball: Cal State San Marcos (DH) @ San Marcos, Calif.3 p.m.
17(Fri)Women's Water Polo: Santa Clara* @ Santa Clara, Calif.6 p.m.
22(Wed)Women's Water Polo: GCC Championships @ Stockton, Calif.All Day
22(Wed)Softball: VANGUARD (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.
23(Thu)Women's Water Polo: GCC Championships @ Stockton, Calif.All Day
24(Fri)Women's Water Polo: GCC Championships @ Stockton, Calif.All Day
24(Fri)Softball: *Dixie State (DH) @ St. George, Utah2:30 p.m. (MDT)
25(Sat)Softball: *Dixie State (DH) @ St. George, Utah12 p.m. (MDT)
27(Mon)Softball: *DOMINICAN (DH) @ Azusa4 p.m.

*Conference game