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Two @azusapacific student-athletes nominated by @ThePacWest for 2016 NCAA Woman of the Year.
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The Cougar Countdown Continues

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Check for daily updates to the Cougar Countdown blog, which features 30 consecutive days of facts, photos, and interesting storylines to follow during Azusa Pacific's 2012-13 athletics season.

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August 28, 2012
Joe Reinsch

AZUSA, Calif. -- Cougar Athletics kicks off the month of August by presenting the "Cougar Countdown," a new 30-day series featuring daily blog entries which contain facts, photos, and storylines to watch during the 2012-13 athletics season.

Each entry of the series will be posted on the Azusa Pacific blog and linked through the calendar below.


DAY 1 (Wed., Aug. 1): Football Gets New Practice Home
DAY 2 (Thurs., Aug. 2): New Lights Installed At Soccer Field
DAY 3 (Fri., Aug. 3): Cougars In The Pros
DAY 4 (Sat., Aug. 4): A New Era Of Competition Has Dawned
DAY 5 (Sun., Aug. 5): Pushing The Pace, Even In Paradise
DAY 6 (Mon., Aug. 6): Emerging Sport Gets Membership Boost
DAY 7 (Tue., Aug. 7): Volleyball Milestones Usher In New Era
DAY 8 (Wed., Aug. 8): Football Introduces New Look
DAY 9 (Thurs., Aug. 9): Cougar hoops hosts inaugural PacWest championship tournament
DAY 10 (Fri., Aug. 10): Clay Passes The Torch
DAY 11 (Sat., Aug. 11): Fans Wig Out For Lenhart
DAY 12 (Sun., Aug. 12): Out With The Old, In With The New
DAY 13 (Mon., Aug. 13): A Glance Behind The Scenes
DAY 14 (Tue., Aug. 14): Connecting With The @APUCougars
DAY 15 (Wed., Aug. 15): Cougar Football Fears No Foe
DAY 16 (Thurs., Aug. 16): Surrell, Soccer, and Senioritis
DAY 17 (Fri., Aug. 17): Baseball's Talent Remains
DAY 18 (Sat., Aug. 18): Seniors In The Circle
DAY 19 (Sun., Aug. 19): Streaming Live From Azusa
DAY 20 (Mon., Aug. 20): Tennis Streaks Still Alive
DAY 21 (Tue., Aug. 21): The NCCAA And What It Means For Azusa Pacific
DAY 22 (Wed., Aug. 22): More Than A Game
DAY 23 (Thurs., Aug. 23): Winning In The Classroom
DAY 24 (Fri., Aug. 24): Volleyball's New Look
DAY 25 (Sat., Aug. 25): Basketball Accepts Bigger Stage
DAY 26 (Sun., Aug. 26): Cougar Polo's Fearless Approach
DAY 27 (Mon., Aug. 27): The Lancer Rivalry Renewed
DAY 28 (Tue., Aug. 28): The Biola Rivalry Survives
DAY 29 (Wed., Aug. 29): Just Keep Swimming
DAY 30 (Thurs., Aug. 30): The Hardeman Heritage