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ATEP Handbook

ATEP Handbook 2013–14 (PDF)

Designed for the athletic training student (ATS) working towards acceptance into and completion of the Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP), APU’s ATEP Handbook contains policies, procedures, guidelines, and relevant professional information to direct and inform each ATS. In addition, each ATS serving at an affiliated clinical site should adhere to the policies and procedures of that institution as stated by the site supervisor or Approved Clinical Instructor (ACI).

Each ATS accepted to the ATEP, and those working to be accepted, are responsible to learn and understand all information contained in this Handbook. Deviation from the stated policies and procedures could constitute placing the ATS on probation, suspension, or dismissal. Any questions regarding the policies and procedures of the ATEP should be addressed to the program director and/or clinical education coordinator.

The information in the handbook is intended to educate, guide, and protect the ATS, as well as provide consistency of service to the constituents served by athletic trainers at Azusa Pacific University.

NOTE: The undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) will transition to an entry-level master’s (ELM) graduate program by 2016. This transition is being made in response to changes within the athletic training profession and in order to maintain a high-quality educational experience for athletic training students. Applications to the undergraduate ATEP will continue to be accepted in fall 2013 (see Admission Requirements). The last cohort of students admitted to the undergraduate ATEP during the fall 2013 application period must complete the program by spring 2016 to be eligible to take the national Board of Certification, Inc. examination for athletic trainers. There will be no exceptions. If students do not complete the undergraduate ATEP by spring 2016, they have the following options to attain certification exam eligibility: transfer to an accredited program at a different university, or seek admission to the new ELM program at APU. For further information, please contact the program director of athletic training education.

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.