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Course Requirements

The College Counseling and Student Development program consists of a total of 42 semester units of coursework. Of this total, at least 34 must be taken at APU. Up to eight semester units of appropriate graduate work may be transferred into the program with department approval.

The coursework is divided into three major components: foundational studies, professional studies, and integration.

Foundational studies are those which explore the historical, philosophical, and theoretical bases of higher education and student affairs as well as assist students in the assessment of their personal leadership skills. Professional studies are those which assist students in developing competencies in program design and evaluation, administration, counseling, and research. The integration of the theoretical and practical is provided through supervised experiences and the capstone project.

Total42 units
Foundational Studies12 units
CCSD 551
Introduction to College Student Affairs
CCSD 567
Diversity in Student Affairs
CCSD 575
Quantitative Analysis in College Student Affairs
CCSD 581
Foundations of Higher Education
Professional Studies30 units
CCSD 543
Legal and Ethical Issues in College Student Affairs
CCSD 552
The Process of Adult Development
CCSD 553
Administration in College Student Affairs
CCSD 562
Today's College Students
CCSD 563
Counseling: The Helping Relationship
CCSD 571
Student Learning in the Cocurriculum
CCSD 573
Career Counseling and Development
CCSD 583
Counseling Issues and Practice
CCSD 592
Program Evaluation in College Student Affairs
CCSD 595
Capstone Project in College Student Affairs
Integration and Supervised Practice
- Capstone Project and Colloquium
- 600 hours of supervised field placement in at least two practice areas


All students are required to complete a minimum of 600 hours of supervised fieldwork in student affairs practice in a college or university. This fieldwork must be completed in at least two distinct areas with at least 150 hours of supervised fieldwork in each.

Graduate Assistantships

Azusa Pacific University provides a number of graduate assistantships for students enrolled in the College Counseling and Student Development program. A student who receives a graduate assistantship is required to enroll in six units of graduate coursework in the program each term. Graduate assistants are expected to work 600 hours over the academic year, for which they receive a stipend and a 50 percent tuition scholarship. Other assistantships are available at off-campus locations through fieldwork placements.

Capstone Project

During the final semester, students are required to complete a professional portfolio that contains evidence of competence in 12 aspects of student affairs practice. The presentation of the portfolio should be before a committee of at least one faculty and two student affairs professionals who will evaluate and reflect with the student regarding the effectiveness of the project. Successful completion of this project is required for graduation.

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.