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Stuart Strother, Ph.D.

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Strother, S. C. (forthcoming 2009). Statistics for Business and Economics. St. Paul, MN: Freeload Press, 350 pages.

Strother, S. (2007). More employers, more jobs, more money: Local economic development policy impacts. Panoeconomicus, 4, 445-467.

Strother, S. C., & Strother, B. L. (2006). Living Abroad in China, Emeryville, CA: Avalon Travel Publishing. ISBN: 1566919940, 431 pages.

Strother, S. (2005). Consumer preference or unequal access? An economic and geographic analysis of the digital divide in one U.S. city. Critical Planning, 12, 5-26.

Strother, S. (2004). Building human capital through public-private cooperation: The case of metropolitan college. The Journal of American Economic Revitalization.

Strother, S. (2002). Telecommunications Cost Management, Boston, MA: Artech House Publishers.

Strother, S. (2004). New wave economic development: the Louisville Approach. Sustain 10(2), 5-11.

Strother, Stuart C. "Saving Jobs in Louisville, Kentucky: The View of Major Stakeholders." Economic Development Journal 1.1 (2002): 19-22.

Strother, S. C. (2002). Telecommunications Cost Management, Boston, MA: Artech House Publishers. ISBN: 1580531784, 316 pages.

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