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To ensure adequate preparation for the rigors of MBA-level coursework, students entering the program with undergraduate degrees other than business must demonstrate proficiency in the following content areas as exemplified by their APU undergraduate course equivalent:

Students may fulfill this requirement in the following ways:

Completed undergraduate business coursework—Students who have completed an undergraduate business degree within the past seven years, and who have earned a B- or better grade in a prerequisite course, will generally be able to waive the course. Students must submit a catalog course description and syllabus to the Online MBA program chair for consideration.

Graduate prerequisite transfer credit—Students may take prerequisite courses at an accredited college or university. To receive transfer credit, the course must have been taken for a grade and the student must have received a B grade or better. The transfer credit must be approved by the Online MBA chair before enrollment in MBA coursework. Submit a catalog course description and syllabus to the Online MBA program chair for consideration.

CPA exam—Students who have passed the CPA exam are not required to take the accounting prerequisite. Submit a copy of examination results or CPA Certificate to the Online MBA program coordinator.

Waiver Exam—Students may take a competency exam (equivalent to a final exam) and receive a waiver if competency is demonstrated.

A 3-unit prerequisite, BUSI 500 MBA Primer, is a graduate-level course offered in the summer that prepares students to pass a waiver exam in each content area. Failure to pass any proficiency exam at a B- or better grade will prevent the student from proceeding with the program until the student has successfully challenged and passed the exams. BUSI 500 does not count toward meeting core or elective requirements of the program.

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.