Collection Policy

The mission of the Collections Department is to effectively collect outstanding receivables owed to Azusa Pacific University in a professional and courteous manner, thereby insuring optimal cash flow and sound fiscal management. Effective collection results in reduced delinquencies and write-offs.

Fiscal accountability and excellent service are the primary objectives for the Business Office, and this policy supports this goal.

Definition of Past Due Account

APU considers an account “past due” once the due date for the tuition or fee charge passes and the charge remains unpaid. Tuition charges are considered due on the first day of class. Fees are due on the date they are charged to a student’s account.

Collection of Past Due Receivables

Any amount owed to the university—including, but not limited to, tuition, fees, fines, room, board, and loans—is considered a receivable to the university. A receivable becomes past due if payment is not received by the payment due date. For past due student accounts, the primary collection tool is the placement of a “hold” by the Collections Department on a student’s record. This “hold” restricts certain student activities including but not limited to the ability to add or drop classes, receive grade transcripts, register for future academic terms, and diploma hold. Once established, the “hold” remains in place until the debt is paid in full.

Collections Department efforts will include letters, statements, telephone calls, and emails. The goal is to come to a resolution and have the account paid in full. If payment is not forthcoming, the account and all pertinent information are forwarded to an outside collection agency for collection. In the event the collection agency is unable to collect, the account is reported to a national credit bureau, thus affecting the debtor’s credit rating. If an account is assigned to an outside collection agency, the student loses the opportunity to deal with the university directly.

Installment Payment Agreements

The intent of the installment payment option is to effectively collect a debt when payment in full is not feasible. It will be used as a collection mechanism by the Collections Department to encourage payment and reduce delinquencies. Debtors can choose to send in monthly payments via check or use an auto-pay option in which payments can automatically be debited from a credit card on a given date.

The goal of the Collections Department is to work with individuals to collect all related debt in a timely and professional matter.

Contacting the Collections Department

Please contact the Collections Department so we can work together to bring your account current.

Office Hours: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Outside Collection Agencies

Coast Professional Inc.
(888) 815-2843

Recovery Management Systems
(800) 900-3944

Todd Bremer and Lawson
(855) 217-9240

Williams and Fudge
(800) 849-9791