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Meet the Staff

James Naspiak

Laura Mazza
Administrative Assistant

Felix Event Center

Shane Bangle

Ryan Gruss
Assistant Manager

University Bookstore

Heather Snyder
Assistant Director

Diane Teage

University Mail Services

Suzanne Hancock
Coordinator, Student Post Office

Josh Stone
Coordinator, Mail Center

University Print
and Bindery Services,
and Evoke

Donna Rutherford
Senior Manager, University Print and Bindery Services, and Evoke

Denise Cundari
Key Operator, University Print
and Bindery Services

Rik Espinosa
Screen Printing Coordinator, Evoke

Sean Brittain
Graphics Coordinator, Evoke

Warehouse Operations, Relocation, and Central Receiving

Andre Garces

Bob Duran
Coordinator of
Warehousing Operations

Adam Bates
Central Receiving Clerk