Prepare for a Job

These steps provide a basic outline of the preparation process for finding a job. Please look over our Job and Internship Strategies Booklet (PDF) for additional information.

Step 1: Contact a career consultant.

Our career consultants can assist you with creating a job search plan. Make an appointment with a career consultant by phone to receive further individual assistance with preparing for a job. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

Step 2: Create a résumé.

Begin the process of writing your résumé by downloading the Résumé Guidelines Booklet (PDF), Educational Résumé and Interview Guidelines (PDF), or Nursing Résumé Guidelines Booklet (PDF) to receive helpful hints and examples.

Step 3: Learn what “Informational Interviewing” means.

Download the Informational Interviewing Booklet (PDF) to learn how to interview someone about their job in order to get information that will help you make career choices.

Step 4: Prepare for an interview.

Career Services offers mock interview appointments for practicing your interviewing skills. Gain valuable feedback and assistance with interviewing techniques.

In addition, please access our Survival Guide for Interviewing (PDF) that includes information on interviewing techniques and example interviewing questions.

Step 5: Participate in Career Services events.

Attend Career Services events on campus to gain hands-on, face-to-face experience in the job hunt.

Step 6: Take a “Career and Life Planning” class.

This 3-unit course is designed for undergraduates and covers topics such as résumé writing, interviewing, self-assessments, discerning your calling, and searching for jobs. Follow this link to learn more.