Personality and Interest Assessments

Self-assessments are available to assist you in identifying your interests. Please contact Career Services at (626) 815-2103 to take one or more of the following assessments.


Cost: $10
Identifies: Strengths

This 30-minute assessment reveals your top five themes of talent. You receive an online code and password as well as access to other online tools to help you maximize your top strengths.

Strong Interest Inventory

Cost: $10
Identifies: Interests

Receive log-on instructions to take the Strong Interest Inventory from your own computer. The scales indicate a person's basic interests and general occupational themes, compare similarities with professionals in given occupations, and explore personal styles associated with job satisfaction. The results are sent to Career Services, where you will have the opportunity to meet with a consultant to review your results.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Cost: $5
Identifies: Personality Type

This personality type assessment measures your preference for paired characteristics: extravert/introvert, sensing/intuiting, thinking/feeling, and perception/judgment. This can assist you with understanding how your preferences can influence job selection, work environments, and employers.

Brennfleck's Values Card Sort

Cost: Free
Identifies: Skills

Meet with a consultant to sort through more than 50 values and determine your top 10 values in your life and career. Values can help you identify what types of companies and positions you will thrive in.


Cost: Free
Identifies: Academic and Professional Interests

Focus-2 is an online, self-paced, interactive career and education planning system that combines self assessment, career exploration, and decision-making into one comprehensive program. Results can help you select majors and consolidate career goals, or help you plan for a job and or graduate school search. Ask Career Services for a login code and password to access the online program.