Graduate School Resources

Use Graduate School resources such as the Graduate School Information Guide and the Career Services Library to gather the necessary information for choosing the right graduate program. Follow the links below for further details.

Applying to Graduate School Information Booklet

Explore the Applying to Graduate School (PDF) information booklet to learn about selecting, applying to, and preparing for a graduate program.

Graduate School Fair

Meet with representatives from various seminary and graduate school programs to discover the right place to further your education. Our Graduate School Fair* happens annually during the month of October.

*The Office of Career Services will not be hosting the Graduate School Fair for the 2014–15 school year. Please check back for more information on the fair next year.

PEW Society

The PEW Society sponsors seminars and lectures each year to promote scholarship on campus and to help students through the process of graduate school admission, including how to choose graduate schools, how to prepare for admissions tests, and how to improve one’s chances of acceptance. Read more about the PEW Society.

Online Search

Look for graduate and professional programs that match your interests online:

Career Counselors

Meet with a Career Counselor to determine if graduate school is right for you and what programs might be appropriate for your career goals. Contact Career Services at (626) 815-2103 or to schedule an appointment with a career consultant.

Career Services Library

Find several comprehensive national listings of graduate programs in our reference guides, listed by academic discipline.

Graduate Programs at APU

Interested in staying at APU for graduate school? Explore the comprehensive listing of programs APU has to offer.

Career and Life Planning Class

Learn about the 3-unit course designed for undergraduates that covers topics such as résumé writing, interviewing, self-assessments, graduate school, and searching for jobs.