Selecting a Major

A good way to make a decision about your major is to evaluate the courses required for several majors to determine what interests you most.

Step 1: Explore majors and minors at APU. Begin by visiting a list of APU majors online or by looking at the table of contents in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

Step 2: Download the Choosing a Major Worksheet (PDF) to assist you in making three lists: majors you are not interested in; majors you are or might be interested in; majors you know nothing about.

Step 3: For each major you are interested in and those you know nothing about, read the "Mission," "Overview," and "Career Opportunities" sections in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Step 4: Narrow your list of potential majors to your top five to seven choices.

Step 5: Make an appointment with a career consultant to discuss your options.