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Message from the Executive Director

Thank you for visiting the nationally recognized Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research (CASLR) where APU's Cornerstones of Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Service connect. The center supports a broad variety of service-learning programs that provide a vital link between the classroom and the community. More than 140 service-learning courses across the curriculum allow some 2,500 APU students per year to gain real life experience related to the theory they learn in the classroom. From our celebrated C.H.A.M.P. (College Headed and Mighty Proud) program to service learning in the South Africa Semester in partnership with the Center for Global Learning and Engagement, CASLR seeks to help our APU students make a difference in their world.

A goal of CASLR is to provide the highest quality service-learning opportunities to the students of APU. One of our mottos is "You don't have to wait until you graduate to be what you are going to be—be it now, service learning at APU." Our goal is that for all graduates of APU, service will be not an extra, but will be deeply embedded in their understanding of their career. Students can find courses that integrate service learning in all undergraduate departments and are sure to find service-learning opportunities in their individual disciplines.

The resources we offer to faculty extend beyond our support of their service-learning activities. We also provide an important link to the broader academic arena of service learning, connecting them to major professional organizations that can provide not only up-to-date discipline-specific information, but also opportunities for interaction with other service-learning scholars. These resources assist the center in supporting as well as participating in the "Scholarship of Engagement."

As a bridge between academics and the community, CASLR maintains a multitude of long-term relationships with many excellent community organizations, institutions, and agencies, both public and private. These organizations join with us in a commitment to the development of the kind of transformational education that leads to a lifetime of civic engagement for APU students.

Judy Hutchinson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research