Sample Curriculum and Timeline

Week 1 Orientation with principal and classroom observation
  APU mentors will receive an orientation by the principal providing information about the school site, programs, and district expectations. APU mentors will spend the remainder of the visit observing the classroom, fourth graders, and teacher.
Week 2 Classroom observation
  APU mentors can participate in the class by helping as aides for this day. This will help them get acquainted with the fourth graders.
Week 3 Introduction to the program
  Fourth graders are divided into buddy groups with an APU student mentor. Activities may include: ice breakers, information about the program and activities the fourth graders will be involved in over the semester, personal story by the mentor (benefits of getting an education, activities they are involved in, positive experiences that got them to college), and group selection of a team name and creation of a team poster.
Week 4 Career exploration
  Begin working on the “Career Game Explorer” booklet. Discuss how different careers require different amounts of higher education.
Week 5 APU visit day
  Fourth graders will tour the campus in their buddy groups with their class. More information will be provided by the C.H.A.M.P. director as the visit approaches.
Week 6 Continuation of career exploration
  Activities: Complete work on career explorer booklets. Reflection on the visit day experience: What did they learn, see, and experience?
Week 7 Getting into college
  Work on college, financial aid, and housing applications, explaining each of the components.
Week 9 Continuation of “getting into college”
  If time allows, begin brainstorming for student essays about the C.H.A.M.P. experience
Week 10 Writing an essay about the C.H.A.M.P. experience
  Complete graphic organizers for development of the essay; begin writing.
Week 11 Last visit
  Closing activities, games, and reflection on the experience. Discuss the graduation ceremony and encourage fourth graders and their families to attend the event.
Week 12 Graduation ceremony
  Graduation occurs in APU’s Felix Event Center, attended by university and school district dignitaries. The ceremony‚Äôs specific date and time will be announced as it approaches.
Spring C.H.A.M.P Alumni Association Picnic
  The picnic provides activities for the students and workshops for their parents to continue encouraging them to take advantage of opportunities to pursue higher education. More information to come as the event approaches.