Service-Learning Advocate Spotlight: Tory Freeth

Tory is one of the Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research’s new Service-Learning Advocates. She hails from just down the street in West Covina; the youngest with two older brothers and one older sister who have all either graduated or are current students at Azusa Pacific University. Tory is a first year student, studying Journalism and Theatre. She is a professional actress as well as a dedicated student and SLA.

This is Tory’s first professional office position, and she is excited to learn more about this style of work. She has enjoyed engaging in the team aspect of the CASLR, learning to work with her “Buddy,” which is a returning SLA who is teamed up with her for the entire year in order to be her first line of assistance and support. Even in the best of circumstances, sometimes stressful situations occur. Tory is enthusiastic about learning from these moments, improving her time management skills, balancing her work at the CASLR with school and other life responsibilities, and how to say “no” when necessary. She is also seeing the value of learning from mistakes.

Tory sees that the work she is doing is not only good for the university and the community, but that it also falls in line with God’s calling and purpose for her life. She is constantly reminded to not compartmentalize her faith, but to make it a part of every aspect, and the CASLR is a great place to remind her of how she can do this. Tory communicates with several prominent community partners and faculty, and is determined to represent both APU and God well, practicing patience and understanding.

Tory is the CASLR SLA for Cougar Pals, which is a Service-Learning mentoring program that partners with Center, Slauson, and Foothill Middle Schools. Each APU student is partnered with a middle school student for the entire year. In the spring, on March 22nd, these Cougar Pals will get to visit APU’s campus to see where their “Pal” goes to college and what it is like.

She is also being groomed to take over the TAP program next year, which focuses on placing APU students who desire to be teachers into K-12 classrooms to observe, tutor, and teach lessons. She hopes that by the time she leaves, she will be able to pass on these programs to the next SLA with progressively more efficient processes, systems, and structuring.

Tory’s Buddy, Liz, would most likely describe her as very similar to herself. They call themselves the “Organized Otters.” They are both list makers, love to make plans, and have difficulty when last minute changes or surprises come their way. However, they are also both so efficient, that when sudden crises do occur, no one could guess that any “fur” was ruffled. Tory’s top strengths are Learner, Discipline, and Intellect.


Mary C. Pearce is the Coordinator for Student Professional Development Graduate Assistant at the CASLR, Getting her M.S. in College Counseling and Student Development