Service-Learning Advocate Spotlight: Hannah Danielson

Hannah is one of the Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research’s (CASLR) returning Service-Learning Advocates (SLA). She grew up as a missionary kid, spending seven of her elementary school through high school years in Costa Rica, where she became fluent in Spanish. Hannah is a sophomore, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Biblical Studies.

Hannah loves working in the CASLR and has gained a great deal of professional experience being an SLA. She has learned how to work with a wide variety of different people and situations, honing her problem-solving skills. She has also learned the value of time management, as well as how to coordinate programming in order to provide benefits for all involved. She has also enjoyed working more with faculty. Hannah has realized through her work as an SLA that she desires to be service-oriented in her future career path. She values being involved in connecting with the community around her and making a difference. Hannah sees this as a way she can put her faith into action.

Some of the community partners Hannah works with in connection to the Service-Learning courses she is in charge of coordinating are local alternative high schools and non-profit organizations, such as David and Margaret Youth and Family Services. Hannah is especially involved in her Organization and Administrative Behavior course, where she has had the opportunity to create new structures and efficiencies. She hopes to leave the CASLR with more sustainable and improved programs for whoever takes over her courses when she moves on.

Hannah’s top 5 Strengths are Restorative, Intellection, Empathy, Input, and Relater. With these strengths, she is able to understand the specific nuances of each program and finds it easy to relate with her courses’ faculty, community partners, and students in an understanding way. Her friends find her to be caring and dedicated in all she does.

Hannah encourages everyone to participate in Service-Learning, because it “changes lives!”


Mary C. Pearce is the Coordinator for Student Professional Development Graduate Assistant at the CASLR, working on her Master’s of Science in College Counseling and Student Development