Service-Learning Advocate Spotlight: Misha Goetz

Misha is one of our newest Service-Learning Advocates (SLA) at the Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research (CASLR). She comes from Nashville, Tennessee, an only child, and loves it. She is a Junior, majoring in International Business and minoring in Biblical Studies. Misha is also a part of APU’s Liturgical Worship Team and loves worshiping her Lord and Savior through the venue of music.

Misha especially enjoys working at the CASLR because she can see an immediate impact in the lives of others through her work, which gives her a lot of self-efficacy and fulfillment. She also enjoys the opportunity of setting goals and accomplishing them and having a clear purpose to her assignments and tasks.

She loves working with all the permanent staff, graduate assistants, and fellow SLAs in the office. She finds them all to be open and honest with each other, bearing each other’s burdens, helping each other out, and creating a warm and happy environment. Misha also looks forward to working closer with S-L Community Partners, which are connected with her courses, in the future.

One of the Community Partners Misha is working with this semester is Pilgrim Place, where APU students are interviewing elderly, retired missionaries. Misha has loved hearing their stories and sees the reciprocity first-hand as APU students are inspired by the lives of those who are blessed by the chance to share their stories.  Misha also works with Foothill Women’s Resource Center and David and Margaret House, among others.

The CASLR plans intentional programs to foster professional and personal development during weekly staff meetings. One program that was especially impactful to Misha was a Goals Exercise facilitated by Cindy, the Assistant Director at the CASLR. During this exercise, Misha realized that the work she was most interested in was work that helps people, because it makes her the happiest. She found that she also valued the opportunity for freedom and self-direction in her work.

Misha’s Top 5 Strengths are Communication, WOO, Input, Discipline, and Positivity. With these strengths, she finds being an SLA an easy fit in communicating with the different faculty, community partners, and APU students she is in charge of in sincere and personable ways. Because of her disciplined nature, she enjoys the fact that she is her own manager of how she completes her tasks, and she also loves the constant opportunity for learning more about her programs. Her fellow SLAs would most likely describe her as perky, high-functioning, loves Jesus, and loves to sing. Matthew 6:33 is her life verse, and she encourages others to seek first the Kingdom of God.


Mary C. Pearce is the Coordinator for Student Professional Development Graduate Assistant at the Center for Academic Service-Learning and Research, working on her Master’s of Science in College Counseling and Student Development