Special Projects

APU faculty, working together with the center, have broadened the scope of service-learning opportunities available to students while finding ever new ways to benefit the community.

Advanced Spanish

This course is designed to optimize students’ conversation ability, reinforcing grammatical structures and emphasizing communication skills and stylistics, and may possibly include studies in Spanish poetry. Service-learning projects involving community partners vary from year to year.

Angel Sing

This project is a service-learning component for a business course titled Principles of Organization and Management. Each fall a group of students design and implement a Christmas caroling event in collaboration with the Visiting Angels organization, which provides health care for home-bound elderly individuals.

Art at Azusa on Wheels

This project is the service-learning component for the Two-Dimensional Design course, Multicultural Art course, and Sculptural Objects and Functional Art course. APU students teach lessons to youth living in a foster care group home or provide art instruction in local elementary schools and after-school programs.

Azusa Conservatory of Music

This program is sponsored in partnership with APU’s School of Music and in collaboration with Citrus College. APU students who are enrolled in a variety of music education courses participate in service-learning as teachers for the conservatory.

The conservatory is designed to provide low-cost instrumental and choral instruction to Azusa families who might not otherwise have the opportunity to receive formal music training. The program concludes each semester with a major recital where the students showcase their musical talent for family and friends. To support families that are unable to purchase or rent an instrument, an on-going instrument drive was established and donations are accepted for both new and used instruments.

Chemistry for Health Science

This service-learning class, a required course for nursing majors, provides students with an opportunity to design and present a workshop on the implications of various chemical and health issues by performing demonstrations/hands-on activities. The presentation is offered to local elementary schools.

College Reading and Critical Thinking

This course provides students with an opportunity to assist adult learners with reading skill development. Through this service-learning experience, students develop their own reading skills as well as their ability to think critically about various types of reading.

Cross-Cultural Psychology

This service-learning course provides students with an opportunity to work in local elementary and middle after-school programs. Through tutoring and leading of enrichment activities, APU students will recognize the importance of learning about culture from individuals of diverse backgrounds.

Dean’s Leadership Class

This is a selective course. The deans of the various colleges nominate student leaders from their schools to participate. The service-learning project will vary from year to year. An example of a project is the Greening of APU, a project that worked with student life to do research on possible environmentally friendly changes enacted at APU.

Diversity in the Classroom

This service-learning class, intended for education and liberal studies majors, partners with a local middle school history class. APU students work with the students in small groups, providing leadership and support in the development of projects focused on the history of religion and religious expression.


This course encourages students to think about what loving one's neighbor means in our contemporary society. Class projects have included helping local seniors at their homes and hosting a Passover Dinner for the Azusa Senior Center.

First Street Art Gallery

This program is the service-learning component for a section of the Fundamental Art Experience course, in which APU students observe and teach art lessons at the First Street Gallery Art Center. The center provides art instruction and opportunities to put on art shows for adults with developmental disabilities.

General Microbiology

Through this service-learning class, nursing majors prepare and implement an interactive HIV/AIDS education program for middle school students in a local after-school program.

Gifted and Talented Education (G.A.T.E.) and Advance Via Individual Determination (A.V.I.D.) Spring Conference

This project is a service-learning component for a business course titled Principles of Organization and Management. In this program business majors design and implement a half-day spring conference for middle school G.A.T.E. students and their parents, introducing them to the advantages and possibilities for pursuing higher education.

Grant and Proposal Writing

This program is a service-learning component for the Grant and Proposal Writing course for upper-division social work majors. APU students work on specific grant proposals for selected nonprofit, community agencies.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Students survey basic behavioral science research and thinking as they contribute to industrial and organizational psychology, including worker attitudes and theories of motivation, organizational structure and communication, theories of leadership and decision-making, conflict resolution, and methods of personnel selection and appraisal.

International Business

This service-learning course is a required class for all undergraduate international business majors. APU students, working in small groups, develop international business plans for nonprofit and for-profit businesses that can provide entrepreneur training to underdeveloped countries.

International Marketing

This service-learning course is a required class for all undergraduate international business majors. APU students are placed in teams to design and implement all aspects of a fundraising event on behalf of the United Nations (UN). All funds are given to the UN to be used for a variety of programs that support global development.

Intro to Business

This service-learning course provides students with an opportunity to train community members in the design and writing of a personal resume through guided workshops and materials.

Intro to Literary Analysis

This service-learning course provides students with an opportunity to work with a local private elementary school class. Students assist in the classroom by directing the students on how to analyze a book for a book report assignment.

Lest We Forget… In God We Trust

This service-learning class, intended for education and liberal studies majors, partners with a local middle school history class. APU students provide guidance in the design of projects focused on the impact of religion on history and the importance of religious freedom. Students have an opportunity to showcase their work in a competition event.

Marketing Research

This service-learning project connects students with local businesses in an effort to identify a research question with their client, design the research project, gather the data, and present the results of their data analysis along with recommendations about how to answer/resolve the original question/problem.


APU’s School of Nursing places nursing majors in a variety of health care organizations, ranging from hospitals to senior centers. Courses that participate in service-learning include Foundations of Professional Nursing, Maternity, Newborn and Woman’s Health, Care of Children and Young Adults, Care of Adults and Elderly, Restorative Nursing, Leadership and Management in Professional Practice, and Community Health Nursing.

Organic Chemistry

Through this service-learning project, students design and implement experiments such as extracting nylon from liquid, for local home-school and independent study students.

Presentational Speaking

This service-learning course provides students with the opportunity to train and coach various groups of people in the design and performance of speeches that raise awareness of an issue.

Presidential Signatures Project

This is a service-learning component for upper-division history classes in which students research and document the eras surrounding the U.S. Presidents. The project creates the foundation for an “Encounter with History,” a proposed fifth grade interactive field trip based on the Presidential Signatures collection at APU.

Psychology of Exceptional Children

Students examine and analyze the problems faced by the exceptional child. The study includes physical and emotional adjustment, speech and language disorders, various childhood disorders such as mental retardation, depression, pervasive developmental disorders, and other childhood mental and physical disorders. Students in this course are required simultaneously to complete 25 service-learning hours with special needs and/or at-risk children.

Recreational and Psychosocial Interventions for the Ill and Injured Child

This is a core course in the Child Life Specialist curriculum. Course content includes a wide range of recreational and psychosocial interventions for children who are hospitalized, chronically ill, or children with disabilities. Students will understand various intervention techniques using developmental play, music, art, dance, and other forms of recreation. Students gain understanding of the role of the child life specialist as a member of an interdisciplinary medical team.

Seminar in International Business

This is a required course for international business majors. Students present on global issues and the role of the UN to a local high school class as well as provide guidance and encouragement in the writing of an essay for the annual United Nations (UN) national essay contest. The essays will be submitted to the regional UN Association and three will be selected for final submission to the UN.

Senior Seminar: Education and the Professional Ethics (Education)

This program is a service-learning component of a section of the Senior Seminar course for liberal studies and other education majors. APU students provide research support and guidance to middle school students as they prepare projects for History Day L.A. This major event is held in the spring on the APU campus.

Senior Seminar: English and the Professions (English)

This service-learning class provides students with the opportunity to serve in a local for-profit or non-profit organization, in an effort to develop a final thesis paper on a particular ethical problem. Students integrate their experiences in the community throughout the paper in an effort to provide real life examples that support their perspective.

Social Psychology

This service-learning class places students in local after-school programs for elementary or middle school students, providing enrichment activities and facilitation of small group dynamics.

Social Work Practicum III – Groups

APU students work in pairs leading a treatment or task group in an organization or agency. Groups are facilitated in a variety of settings, from local school districts to support groups for stroke survivors.

Spanish Applied Linguistics

This service-learning class works with Our Neighborhood Homework House, tutoring children who are English language learners in different academic subjects.

Strategic Management
(Graduate and Undergraduate classes)

This course introduces students to the fundamental decisions in business related to growth, long-range planning, and strategic thinking. Undergraduate students will assist a local church in providing a strategic analysis for the organization. Graduate students will provide similar strategic analysis and program plan for local churches or organizations through the use of an online software management system called StratMin.

Student Broadcast Workshop

This service-learning course provides advanced instruction in the process and production of broadcast production. Through hands-on experience with the local community, students develop skills in researching, interviewing, writing, and performing for on-air production.

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

SIFE is a special program offered by APU’s School of Business and Management which provides students the opportunity to develop leadership, teamwork, and communication skills through learning, practicing, and teaching the principles of free enterprise. Over the course of the school year, a team of students designs and implements educational outreach projects that teach important concepts, including market economics, entrepreneurship, personal and financial success, and business ethics. Students enrolled in the Business Internship: SIFE and Strategic Marketing Management courses participate in this service-learning experience.

University Students Educating Middle School Students, Providing Opportunities with Empowering Relationships – UEMPOWER (Senior Seminar: Education)

This program is a service-learning component of a section of the Senior Seminar course for liberal studies and other education majors. APU students work with sixth through eighth grade special education students aspiring to develop academically through curriculum designed by the classroom teacher, APU professor, and students. The curriculum focuses on developing positive adult relationships, increasing self-worth, and developing communication skills.