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Welcome to Azusa Pacific University’s annual William E. and Ernest L. Boyer Common Day of Learning (CDL). Since 1993, APU has fostered its commitment to scholarship—one of the university’s Four Cornerstones—by hosting a campus-wide conference dedicated to the commemoration and celebration of academic discovery. Regular daytime activities are suspended so that faculty, staff, and students can have an opportunity to share their recent findings with each other and guests from the surrounding communities. The morning chapel session features a keynote address by a distinguished guest speaker, and members of the campus community participate in scholarly presentations throughout the day.

To promote a common discussion, conference events are planned around a central theme. The theme for 2014, “Speaking the Truth in Love: Knowledge in the Framework of Compassion (Eph. 4:15),” prompts the scholarly community to explore the connection between what we know and why we pursue knowledge, by evoking love as the context for our search for truth. The theme touches on each of APU’s Four Cornerstones, acknowledging scholarship pursued in the context of Christian community, and for the purpose of service in the name of Christ.

Each of the disciplines featured at our university will have its own history with this challenge, and will have its own contribution to make in exploring the nature of our task as those called to “speak the truth in love.”


David A. Dorman, Ph.D.
CDL Faculty Director