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All petitions must be turned in to the Office of Chapel Programs by the last day of the add/drop period each semester. Any petition received after that date will still be considered, but will only be valid to excuse absences from the date it is received in Chapel Programs. The student will be held responsible for any absences accrued up to that date. Additionally, any students submitting petitions after this add/drop date* will be charged a fine according to the following timeline:

*Petitioning students who begin employment after the last day of the add/drop period will not be subject to this fine.

Please Note: No petition will be automatically approved and petitions are valid for one semester only.

The Office of Chapel Programs will notify petitioning students of its decision by letter approximately 2-3 weeks after the add/drop date of each semester. However, chapel attendance is the student’s responsibility. If no response has been received from Chapel Programs within 14 days after the add/drop date, it is the student’s responsibility to contact Chapel Programs immediately. All correspondence from Chapel Programs will be sent to the student’s APU mailbox or the address provided on the petition. Please submit a current mailing address.

Reasons for Petitioning

Attendance Modifications

If, for any of the above reasons, you are regularly excused from one chapel per week, you will be allowed seven personal absences per semester. If you are regularly excused from two chapels per week, you will be allowed four personal absences per semester. If you have been excused from any regular chapel day’s attendance, you will not be permitted to submit an attendance card on that day to take place of another absence. Once you have reached your limit of personal absences, any further unexcused absences will immediately result in Chapel Probation. If a morning required chapel is missed, it must be made up within the same week to avoid accruing an absence. Attending more than the required chapels in on week do not "roll over" for additional credit.

Students with Disabilities

Students who have a disability that prevents them from full participation in chapel should meet with an advisor in the Learning Enrichment Center as soon as possible to initiate disability verification and discuss accommodations that may be necessary to ensure full participation in chapel. Reasonable accommodations for students with verifiable disabilities will be assessed and determined by the Learning Enrichment Center and Chapel Programs. Please contact Victoria Stuard, associate director, at (626) 815-6000, Ext. 3321.

For more information about chapel attendance, please contact the Office of Chapel Programs at, or (626) 812-3088.