APU as a Spiritual Community

The Office of the Chaplain at Azusa Pacific University is a manifestation of the priority we place on our Christ-centered identity as a spiritual community of disciples and scholars engaged in the enterprise of higher education. The Office of the Chaplain exists to center the university spiritually as a means to encourage and support our mission of advancing the work of God in the world. Three principal areas serve as the ministry focus in bringing spiritual care to the APU community: faculty and staff, graduate students, and church collaboration.

Each of these areas represents a significant emphasis within the university community through which we strive to reflect Christ in all we do. The office provides spiritual care to those who shape our community–faculty and staff persons—through a variety of ministries including Christian gatherings, prayer, spiritual resources, and personal ministry. Spiritual care is also provided to our graduate students with the help of regional chaplains through a ministry program called SoulQuest, which was developed for our graduate programs. The church collaboration emphasis provides general oversight and guidance through the APU Church Collaboration Committee to all university departments and schools in partnerships with churches and Christian organizations.

The Office of the Chaplain welcomes any opportunity to reflect the nature of Christ and our Wesleyan Holiness identity as a university. Please feel free to email or call if we may be of any help to you.

Serving Christ,
Kevin Mannoia, Ph.D.

Articles and Devotionals

  • Azusa Pacific University to Hold Spring Commencement

    Approximately 1,702 students will graduate from Azusa Pacific University on Sat., May 6, 2017, at the university’s spring commencement ceremonies.

  • Eyes to See

     We’ve all wondered what the wind looks like, right? We sit in the park, on the back patio, or on the beach and feel the breeze – how refreshing! But we can’t see the wind itself. You can look around and see the trees rustling, the hair on the small...

  • Meant to Fly

     Imagine sitting in seat 14c of the airplane getting ready to take-off from LAX for Dallas. The pilot comes on the intercom…"Ladies and gentlemen, it's a great day to travel. Today we'll leave LA, travel east on the 105 freeway, head north on 605 to the 10, and then east...

  • Passion Week

    Today is the first day of Holy Week. In this week we remember the last few days of Jesus’ life. I would like to invite you to do two things this week:

    1. As you engage with the everyday activities of your job, family, or school reflect a bit on...

  • APU Chosen for Study on Economic Impact of Christian Higher Ed

    The Council for Christian Colleges & Universities has received a grant of $100,000 in order to conduct research on the economic impact of Christian higher education.