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Photo of Cabrina Alviar, MFA

Cabrina Alviar, MFA

Adjunct Professor, Department of Art and Design
Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 5726
Fax: (626) 387-5727
Cabrina Alviar, MFA, is a graphic designer, artist, and adjunct professor working in the Los Angeles area. She strives to create work that resonates with viewers in meaningful ways. The process of her work originates with memories of images and emotion. These glimpses evolve into tangible visuals that symbolize her past, present, and future. She works primarily with everyday materials, found objects, and photographs of the ordinary; these items and images let the viewer interpret and relate their own memories and experiences. Language also plays a strong role in her work, as she focuses on the appropriate form of the letter and meaning of content to connect with the viewer. Her design background plays a prominent part in her thinking process and the execution of her artwork.


MFA, Azusa Pacific University
B.A., Art Center College of Design
B.S., California State University, Fullerton


  • School of Visual and Performing Arts
    • Art and Design
  • College of Music and the Arts


  • Graphic Design

Courses Taught

ART 221 – Production for Print Design
ART 120 – Introduction to Computer Graphics

Office Hours

By appointment only

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