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Course Requirements

Please note, the course sequence may vary slightly from year to year. Contact the Department of Global Studies, Sociology, and TESOL for information.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), M.A. (field-based) Requirements36 units
Term 1 Summer APU
TESL 503
Language and Culture Learning* (online)
TESL 505
Second-language Acquisition
TESL 545
Second-language Pedagogy I***
Term 2 Winter Thailand
TESL 550
Second-language Pedagogy II
TESL 535
Sociolinguistics and Language Teaching
TESL 557
Reflective Teaching*/*** (online)
Term 3 Summer APU
TESL 560
Language Program Design
TESL 525
Teaching English Pronunciation
TESL 537
Critical Perspectives on Christianity and English Language Teaching*/** (online)
Term 4 Winter Thailand
TESL 515
Teaching English Grammar* (online)
TESL 570
Second-language Assessment
Action Research Project
Action Research Project

*TESL 503, TESL 557, TESL 537, and TESL 515 are online courses. In lieu of face-to-face instruction, students engage in weekly interaction with their peers and instructor online over the term.
**TESL 537 is an elective and may be replaced with a course that is transferred in from an M.A. in TESOL program at an accredited university.
***TESL 545 and TESL 557 are required for the TEFL Certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will teachers have to write a thesis or complete a portfolio?
No. Teachers in the field-based program are not required to take a comprehensive exam or complete a portfolio. In lieu of a thesis or portfolio, students complete an Action Research Project in TESL 595A and TESL 595B.

What happens if teachers can no longer teach abroad due to the loss of finances or teaching position?
It is necessary to maintain a teaching position abroad for two years. It is possible for teachers who have had to drop out of the program to join the campus-based or online M.A. in TESOL programs. These students must pay the full tuition rate. It is also possible to request and rejoin the field-based program at a later date.

What happens if a teacher fails or withdraws from a class?
The field-based program is set up so that teachers proceed through the program with the same cohort. If a teacher withdraws or fails a class, she or he may join a new cohort to take the needed classes. However, there is no guarantee that every class will be offered every year. Thus, failing or withdrawing from a class would prolong the time it takes to complete the degree. A 3.0 GPA is required to obtain a master’s degree.

How many units can be transferred into the program?
Up to six units of related graduate course work may be transferred into the M.A. in TESOL program by petition. See the section "Transfer Credit" in the Graduate Catalog for the specific requirements for transfer credit.

How long does it take to complete the degree?
If no classes are dropped or repeated, it takes two years to complete the master’s degree.

Where will teachers be staying while taking classes at APU and overseas?
While taking summer classes in Azusa, California, teachers will be living in the dorms with other colleagues enrolled in the program. The current location in Asia is the International Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

How big are the classes?
Class size is usually between 12 and 20. When 28 teachers enroll in a class, the cohort is divided in order to maintain the quality of care and interaction needed in a graduate program.

What are the academic polices for withdrawal?
The APU M.A. in TESOL Field-based program adheres to the academic policies described in the Graduate Catalog.

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.