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  • David BeattyDavid Beatty, M.M.
    Director of Commercial Music and Jazz Ensemble; Associate Professor of Trombone Studies
  • Rodney CatheyRodney Cathey, DMA
    Chair, Undergraduate Studies; Director, Vocal Jazz Ensemble; Associate Professor of Conducting
  • Joel ClifftJoel Clifft, DMA
    Associate Professor; Director of Keyboard Studies
  • Harold ClousingHarold Clousing, DMA
    Associate Professor; Conductor, Men's Chorale; Director of Vocal Studies
  • Claire FedorukClaire Fedoruk, DMA
    Associate Professor of Music History
  • Melanie GallowayMelanie Galloway, DMA
    Artistic Director and Stage Director, APU Opera; Associate Professor of Vocal Studies
  • Christopher KeeneChristopher Keene, M.F.A.
    Associate Professor of Technical Theater, Theater Arts
  • Warren KochWarren Koch, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Cinematic Arts
  • Alexander KoopsAlexander Koops, DMA
    Director of Undergraduate Music Education; Conductor of Symphonic Band; Director of Azusa Conservatory of Music Community Music School; Associate Professor
  • Michael LeeMichael Lee, M.A.
    Director of Music Technology; Associate Professor
  • Becky RoeBecky Roe, MFA
    Associate Professor, Department of Art and Design
  • Christopher RussellChristopher Russell, M.M.
    Associate Professor; Conductor of Symphony Orchestra; Instrumental Conducting
  • John SuttonJohn Sutton, DMA
    Associate Professor; Chair of Choral Activities; Conductor of Oratorio Choir; Conductor of University Choir and Orchestra; Choral Conducting

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