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Lynn Aldrich, MFA

Adjunct Professor, Department of Art and Design
Phone: (626) 815-6000, Ext. 5726
The art of Lynn Aldrich, MFA, begins with making conceptualizations about the condition of being and looking out into the world. A variety of materials have interested her, usually those common to a suburban-based consumer society. The constructing process involves careful craftsmanship, but Aldrich doesn’t alter her purchased media so much as attempt to reveal (perhaps through accumulation, repetition, or placement) the metaphors inherent in their humor, oddness, or beauty. References to nature are comingled with the pervasive influences of contemporary culture, and her work is designed to perceptually challenge the viewer’s expectations, as well as to raise philosophical questions in regard to physicality and meaning.

Setting up a dialogue among metaphors and different materials, Aldrich builds a three-dimensional “landscape” of discrete forms within the exhibition space, referring to natural phenomena such as water, light, stars and planets, and flora and fauna. The sources are ordinary (domestic, do-it-yourself, crafts and hobbies), but she likes to generate notions of grandeur, wonder, or the sublime through formal decisions, shifts in scale, and placement within the architecture.


MFA, Art Center College of Design
B.A., California State University, Northridge
B.A., University of North Carolina


  • School of Visual and Performing Arts
    • Art and Design
  • College of Music and the Arts


  • Sculpture

Courses Taught

ART 592 – Independent Studio
ART 593 – Independent Studio
ART 594 – Independent Studio
ART 591 – Independent Studio

Office Hours

By appointment only

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