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Equipment and Technical Specs

The Galileo Film Studio has a Panasonic 3D camera that also has 2D filming capability. A 3D monitor and glasses are also available. Below is a full list of equipment available.

HD Camera Package

Panasonic AG-3DA1 package One 3D HD camera package with dual SD recording slots and dual SD output
Panasonic 3D monitor One Panasonic 2550 for 3DA1
Manfrotto tripod Manfrotto Pro Tripod with 501 Fluid Video Head
Misc. camera cable package 50 foot HD-SDI cables for 3D camera to monitor, misc. cables
32G SD cards Two 32G SDHC media cards (outside production groups should supply their own SD or SDHC class 6 and above cards; two needed for 3D camera)
3D glasses Two pairs 3D glasses for monitoring

Lighting Package

ETC 24ch dimmer package One installed in grid 24ch 2kw/ch ETC dimmer system with L5-20 twist lock connectors
ETC Smartfade ML light board One Smartfade ML lighting console with two universe DMX outputs for installed dimmers and Kino Flo separate universe
Kino Flo Four Image 85 DMX, 120VAC mounted on yokes in ceiling
Kino Flo Two Parabeam 400/Select DMX, 120VAC on Baby Jr rolling stands 3 riser
Kino Flo Two Parabeam 200 DMX, 120VAC on C stands
ARRI Two T2 2000w Fresnel, Hanging with Barn doors
ARRI Four T1 1000w Fresnel, Hanging with Barn doors
ARRI Two Arrilite 750+, Hanging with Barn doors
Misc. AC cable package Multiple 10'+ AC extension cables
Misc. DMX cables and adaptors Various DMX cables and adaptors

Grip Package

Slate boards One 3D mini-Fairbo Slate board, one Reg Slate board
Apples Two Full, two Halfs, two 1" pancakes
Sand Bags Ten Sand bags black
Stands Three C stands with arms, two Baby Jr with wheels
Tape Misc. tape supplies
Misc. items Misc. booty’s, gray board, white board, clips, etc.

Sound Package

Yamaha 16 ch Sound Mixer with USB digital output
Shure Three Shure PG Series PG1-tx, PG4-rx, PG185 lav mic - / 536 - 548 MH
Boom arm Carbon Fiber Boom
Misc. sound cable package Mic cables, stands, headsets, accessories

Video Editing (Coming Soon)

Apple Two 2.4GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 4 x 1 Tb SATA 12 GB RAM
Apple Adapters for Mini Display port to DVI
Apple Flat Screen 1920 x 1200 display
AJA Dual HD-SDI Video input/output card for Macintosh – drives 3D stereo monitor
AJA KONA 3G Breakout Box – rackmount for C/R install
AJA AJA Video GEN10 HD-SD Sync Generator (NOT rackmount) for C/R install
TBD 24" LED Flat Monitor with DVI-D, VGA, HDMI inputs
Kbcovers Soft keyboard overlay for Apple Thin Kybd
Apple Final Cut Studio
Adobe Includes Premiere Pro, Encore DVD/BD, Photoshop, etc. (educational version)
Sandisk Needed to offload SDHC cards from 3D camera
SONY Headphones for Video Editing Workstation
Cineform 3D plugins for Final Cut Pro Integrates tightly with AJA KONA 3G PCIe Card
Ultimate Green screen processing Plug-in for Final Cut Studio/Motion