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General Program Requirements

Length of Program

Two years, with extension to a third year by petition

Private Instruction

One hour weekly

Chamber Group Instruction

One hour weekly


Piano, strings: 30 hours weekly
Winds, percussion, voice: 18 hours weekly
Voice and opera: 18 hours weekly, including score and opera role study


Every semester in which no significant “solo performance” is held

Solo Performance

Piano, violin: one 60–70 minute APU solo recital annually
String bass: one 60–70 minute solo recital annually, or chamber recital
Winds, percussion: one 60–70 minute APU solo recital annually
Voice and opera: one 60-minute solo recital or one major opera role annually as cast

Chamber Group

Piano, strings, winds, percussion: one group every semester

School of Music Ensemble Participation

Piano: 5–8 hours of accompanying per week
Strings: Symphony, opera, chamber orchestra, other ensembles, as assigned
Winds, percussion: Symphony, Wind Ensemble, other ensembles, as assigned
Voice: APU Opera production as cast, other ensembles, as assigned


Piano, violin, cello: one major non-APU competition preparation annually
String bass: one non-APU solo recital or competition or audition annually
Voice and opera: one non-APU competition and/or Young Artist program audition annually

Reflection Seminars

Four 2-hour seminars every semester

Jury Examinations:

All Artist Certificate students are required to take applied lessons every semester. In addition, every AC student is required to perform a 60–70 minute solo recital, or sing a major role in a full opera by the end of each year. A "significant solo performance" such as a full-length recital may count as a jury for the semester during which the performance takes place. For opera performances to count for a jury examination, approval must be given by the Artist Certificate Program Director.


A petition process exists for students desiring consideration of an exception to stated university policies, procedures, and regulations. The petition process is initiated in the School of Music office. You will need to complete the Artist Certificate Petition Form (PDF) and submit it to the director of the Artist Certificate program for logging in and tracking in the program. Once all signatures are obtained, the school/department will submit your petition for a final approval by the dean of the School of Music. Once a decision has been made, the director of the Artist Certificate program will notify you whether it was approved or denied.

Note: This information is current for the 2014-15 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.