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Special Requirements by Instrument


Participation in the following as scheduled and assigned by the Keyboard Department:


Participation in appropriate activities and events as scheduled and assigned by the Strings Department

Voice/Opera Studies

Length of Program

The standard length of the program is two years. If a student is accepted into a young artist program or is offered other opera employment in the State of California, such as participation in a professional opera chorus, this can be considered as preprofessional training.

Private Instruction

One hour of private voice instruction, participation in opera workshop class instruction and coaching. This is usually about six hours per week. If a singer is preparing for major competitions, the APU Opera component could be waived under some circumstances. Also, solo performance opportunities with the APU Oratorio Choir or Symphony Orchestra are included when available and appropriate.


A minimum of eighteen hours per week. Research and translation time is included in this practice time.

APU Opera Productions and/or Chamber Music

Participation is required in at least one of these each year.

External Performances

Active participation in voice competitions, preprofessional or professional auditions, or other outside performances is required each semester.

Solo Performance

One major opera role each year is required or a solo recital of 45–60 minutes of music. This recital could be either the traditional song recital or a program of the singer’s audition arias, opera scenes, or other audition-appropriate vocal literature.

English Competence

Competence in English conversation; no minimum TOEFL score


Voice students are required to sing a jury at the end of each semester consisting of a minimum of six new arias and/or art songs memorized. These juries will be scheduled at the same time as the graduate vocal studies juries.

End-of-Year Progress Report

At the end of the academic year (early May), the singer will submit a report of the opera roles sung, competitions and auditions sung, and recital performances or guest solo performances in oratorios to the Artist Certificate Program Director Crystal Rivette, the Director of Artist Certificate Vocal Studies Patricia Edwards, and the Director of Opera Studies Melanie Galloway. Programs of these events should be included if possible. This report is to be presented at the jury time.

Note: This information is current for the 2014-15 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.