Vocal Performance Programs

The School of Music offers the following undergraduate and graduate degree programs in voice:

Learn more about these undergraduate and graduate degree programs on the School of Music website. For information regarding the Artist Certificate, please visit the Artist Certificate Program page.

Voice Faculty

In addition to our opera faculty and staff, the School of Music has a gifted voice faculty, each with various fields of expertise.

Harold Clousing, DMA
Director of Vocal Studies

William Boocock, M.A.
Patricia Edwards, DMA
Beverly Crain, DMA
Dianne Harmel, M.A.
David Hughes, DMA
Melanie Galloway, DMA
Rebecca Ginzink, M.M.
David Kress, M.M.
John Proulx, B.M.
Chung Lee, M.M.
Letitia Ugweke, M.M.
Ruby Hinds, Artist Diploma