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Music Theory Emphasis

The music theory emphasis provides students who wish to work in the field of music composition, arranging, orchestrating, and multimedia scoring with skills necessary for entry level positions or advanced study.


All music degree students selecting a music theory emphasis must complete the music major (B.A.) course requirements, and emphasis course and ensemble requirements (below).

Students also have additional requirements to complete within the School of Music, including recital attendance and performance.


Course Legend:
F = Offered every fall, S = Offered every spring
Fr = Freshman, So = Sophomore, Jr = Junior, Sr = Senior

Music Theory Emphasis10 units
MUS 321
Counterpoint (S) (Jr, Sr)
MUS 423
Orchestration I (F/S) (Jr, Sr)
Electives4 units
Select remaining units from the following electives:
MUS 323
Arranging I (F/S) (Jr, Sr)
MUS 421
Choral Arranging (formerly Interpretive Arranging) (on demand) (Jr, Sr)
MUS 422
20th Century Composition Techniques (S) (Jr, Sr)
MUS 424
Projects in Music Theory (on demand) (Jr, Sr)
MUS 427
Form and Analysis (F) (Jr, Sr)
MUS 428
Arranging II (S) (Jr, Sr)

Performance Ensembles

Ensembles are listed by performance area. All ensembles require audition except Oratorio Choir.

  Required Ensemble Remaining Semesters’ Ensemble Choices
Brass, Strings, Winds and Percussion Select 4 years from:
  • Oratorio Choir
  • Symphonic Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Wind Ensemble
Piano, Guitar, and Electric Bass Oratorio Choir (1 yr.) Select remaining ensemble registration from:
  • Chamber Singers
  • Ensemble Accompanist*
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Oratorio Choir
  • Symphonic Band
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Wind Ensemble
Vocal Oratorio Choir (2 yrs.)
  • Bel Canto Women’s Choir^^
  • Chamber Singers
  • Gospel Choir^^
  • Men’s Chorale^^
  • Oratorio Choir
  • University Choir/Orchestra^^

*Ensemble accompanists are assigned by the director of piano studies.
^^Maximum one year of credit in these ensembles

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.