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Undergraduate Programs

Student Attendance

Students are required to attend a minimum of eight concerts/recitals per year. This requirement must be met under the following criteria: two Artist Concert Series performances and six other recitals or concerts selected from the following: a junior recital, a senior recital, or any School of Music ensemble concert (excluded from these options are any Bel Canto Women’s Choir, Men’s Chorale, or University Choir and Orchestra concerts).

The School of Music office maintains careful attendance records; however, you should keep a copy of all programs of the recitals you attend for your own records. Also, to help you keep track of your recital attendance, you may download and print the Music Recital Attendance Form (PDF). Remember to always fill out and hand in an attendance card when you attend a recital. Workshops, off-campus concerts by our performing groups, or performing in a concert as a member of an ensemble may not qualify for recital credit.

Concert Music

Concert Music (MUS 353) exists to provide redemption for students who have not met the requirements of recital attendance. Under unusual circumstances, the student may petition in advance to make up attendance by registering for Concert Music (MUS 353). If granted, students making up recital attendance in this manner must adhere to the course requirements. Students negligent in the above policy may be called to appear before the School of Music faculty and are subject to disciplinary action and eventual dismissal from the program.

Performance Forum

Performance Forum (MUS 210) meets every Monday at 4:20 p.m., and features a variety of presentations including student recitals, guest artists, and lecturers. Music students must be continuously enrolled in Performance Forum (MUS 210) for eight semesters. This class is graded by pass/fail based on attendance. Students who do not pass the course will be required to take Concert Music (MUS 353) to make up the deficiency. Transfer students must enroll in MUS 210 and an approved ensemble every semester in attendance, up to eight semesters.

Recital Performance

Each performance major must present a solo performance annually in a student recital. This requirement can be met through Performance Forum student recitals or junior or senior recital. Any other performances intending to meet this requirement must be requested through the petition process and submitted to the dean. Nonperformance majors must present a solo performance annually in either a studio recital or performance forum student recital. In the case of a student who is taking instruction in more than one applied area, recital performance is only required in the primary applied area.

All students will take applied jury each semester. Music majors with a concentration in applied music present a recital during the junior^ (shorter program) and senior^^ (full length program) years. Only Bachelor of Music in Performance students must register for Senior Recital (MUS 491). Students giving recitals should follow the guidelines in the Azusa Pacific University School of Music Recital Confirmation Packet (available through the School of Music office).

Recital Etiquette

Performance attire: The goal for the performer's attire is elegance with comfort, simplicity, and modesty. Refinement is preferred over flashiness. Recitals provide an opportunity for performers to demonstrate the talent that God has given them and to glorify Him. The School of Music has published guideline booklets titled Azusa Pacific University School of Music Recital Etiquette, which are available through your applied music instructor or the School of Music office.

Student Audience

It is an honor and privilege to be able to support your fellow students as they develop their performance skills. Remember that guests will visit the campus for recitals. The clothes that students wear should demonstrate respect for performers and be appropriate for the occasion. Please do not bring food or drink into the recital hall. Doing homework or other similar activities is prohibited during performances.

^Traditionally, those students in the Bachelor of Arts program are required to prepare a junior recital at the discretion of the applied professor involved. Students in the Bachelor of Music program are required to present a junior recital.

^^Senior recitals are required of all performance majors during their senior year. Bachelor of Arts performing major seniors must present a senior recital but are not required to register for MUS 491 (Senior Recital). Bachelor of Music students must present a senior recital and register for MUS 491.

Note: This information is current for the 2013-14 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.