General Undergraduate Admission Requirements

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Supplemental Application Requirements

BFA in Production only, for first-time freshmen only

All applicants for the BFA in Cinematic Arts Production are required to submit a supplemental BFA application in addition to APU’s undergraduate application. Apply here.

1. Calling essay

(750 words or less) Cinematic Arts is essentially a storytelling program, and we believe storytelling transcends writing alone. Why and how are you called to be a storyteller? How do your background and experiences influence the kind of stories you want to tell? How does this calling influence who you are and your goals?

2. Story sample

Please submit either a video or written story:

  1. Video option: Tell us a story in a video where you have a major creative role (not acting). The video can be any genre, but it should exhibit your creative and aesthetic style while telling a story that has a clear beginning, middle, and end. Sophisticated equipment is not necessary. A one-shot film from a cell phone is fine. Focus on the story. Five minutes or less (30 seconds could be amazing). Submit a URL (Vimeo, YouTube, etc.) for the video with your written application materials along with your role on the project. Do not password protect your visual samples.
  2. Written option: Write an outline for a five-minute film that contains no dialogue. Communicate a clear beginning, middle, and end. Tell us what we see, step-by-step. No more than two pages, 12-point font.

3. Creative/leadership résumé

Please submit a one-page summary of 3–7 creative and/or collaborative projects where you played a significant role. These projects do not need to be film/TV related, but should be creative and/or collaborative endeavors. List the project title, project type, company/organization (list “freelance” if an independent project), date the project was completed, your role, and a brief description of the project. Make sure to include any formal recognition, exhibitions, publications, or awards. A sample resume is below:

  • J’ai, 18-minute short film, Edenville High School, December 2012. Editor. Short film about a pregnant teenager on the verge of running away from home. Honorable Mention at the Edenville Film Festival.
  • Zero Hour, news feature, Edenville Vision Newspaper, October 2012, Author. Feature article about the lives of a state-championship high school swim team. 2nd place winner for state high school newspaper feature article, 2013.
  • Fun Drive, fundraising campaign, National Honor Society, June 2012. Honor Society President. Led initiative to raise money to support environmental projects in Edenville Township. Collaborated with students, school officials, and local racetrack to offer donors a chance to race a new Tesla S. Raised $10,000, largest NHS fundraiser in Edenville history.

4. Collaborative recommendation letters

Identify two individuals who can provide a recommendation for you and answer the following prompt. These individuals should be either a teacher, coach, youth pastor, supervisor, or mentor who has observed you in a team-based project or activity. Instruct the selected individuals to send their letters directly to the selection committee at the address below.

Prompt: Please describe how the candidate works with others to achieve a goal. Creativity, intelligence, ambition, and leadership skills are appropriate areas to cover, but a presentation of collaborative skills and accomplishments is essential. What challenges arose, and how did the candidate work with others to face those challenges? Extroversion and vocal leadership are not expected of every candidate. We value a variety of team contributions.


Supplemental Application deadline is Jan. 31, 2017. Applications are accepted through our online portal.


Please contact the Cinematic Arts department at

Note: This information is current for the 2016-17 academic year; however, all stated academic information is subject to change. Please refer to the current Academic Catalog for more information.