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From the Stage to the Screen

Azusa Pacific University’s Department of Theater, Film, and Television is one of the top-ranked Christian university theater and cinema programs in the country, boasting a BFA in Acting for the Stage and Screen, a BFA in Cinematic Arts Production, a BFA in Screenwriting, and robust Bachelor of Arts programs in theater and cinematic arts. The department provides creative space for students to engage in acting, directing, screenwriting, playwriting, critical studies, theater production, and cinema/television production. Faculty bring industry experience to the classroom and teach students to integrate their education with a Christian worldview in the pursuit of the arts.

Learn more about APU’s theater and cinematic arts offerings.

News & Features

  • The Healing Power of Humor

    Jerry Duprez '75, Ph.D., wrote a humorous memoir chronicling his struggle with testicular cancer, affirming his belief that laughter and hope are the best medicine.

  • Pew Offers GRE, GMAT Training Opportunities

    The Pew College Society at APU offers training opportunities for the GRE and GMAT, exams required for admission to many graduate programs.

  • Honors College Implements Comprehensive Curriculum

    APU's Honors College launches a new curriculum that seeks to recover the wisdom of the Christian tradition, instill moral and intellectual virtue, and reclaim the classical quest for truth, beauty, and goodness.