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Meet the Team

The Care Team is currently composed of representatives from academic and Student Life departments generally involved with the emotional well-being of students.

Care Team Member Phone Number
Charlie Moore (Chair)
Executive Director, Office of Residence Life
(626) 815-3825
Bill Fiala (Co-chair)
Director, University Counseling Center
(626) 815-2109
Chris Adams
Associate Campus Pastor
(626) 815-3855
Chuck Strawn
Director, Office of Communiversity
(626) 812-3053
Gidget Wood
Director, Student Health Center
(626) 815-2100
Jeanette Wong
Director, Office of Academic Advising
(626) 815-6000, Ext. 3710
Sandy Hough
Director, Retention and Student Engagement
(626) 815-2039
Terry Meyer
Executive Director, Department of Campus Safety
(626) 815-3805
Stacie Champine
Director, Office of Orientation and Transitions
(626) 815-6000, Ext. 3444
Shino Simons
Associate Dean of Students
(626) 815-2067
Victoria Stuard
Associate Director, Learning Enrichment Center
(626) 815-6000, Ext. 3321
Vijay Jacob
Office of International Students and Scholars
(626) 812-3055
Willie Hamlett
Associate Vice President for Student Life
(626) 812-3061

If you are concerned about a current student’s emotional or personal situation, please feel free to contact any Care Team member for consultation, or if the situation is serious, please complete and submit the Student in Crisis Notification Form.