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Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond
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About the Exhibition

Offering the extraordinary story of how God’s inspired Word has touched humanity, Treasures of the Bible: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Beyond celebrates the preservation of our most sacred Scriptures and the proven accuracy in the Bible’s translation over thousands of years.

Qumran Cave 4
Photo by Todd Bolen/

Through a collection of rare artifacts, including fragments of the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls, Torah scrolls, and examples of some of the most influential Bibles ever produced, visitors take in the full historic sweep of the Bible’s presence in the West in a single exhibition. The Dead Sea Scrolls—the oldest known version of the Hebrew Scriptures hidden in the caves of Qumran for 2,000 years—have been hailed as one of the greatest archeological discoveries of the 20th century.

Connect with your spiritual roots as you share in the remarkable journey of how the Word of God has reached the faithful. From artifacts that show pictography—the earliest type of writing dating back some 5,000 years—to a Gutenberg Bible leaf, original Barker edition King James Bibles, a Lunar Bible, and much more, you witness the various means through which God has communicated to His people.

Reinforcing Azusa Pacific University’s commitment to the authority of Scripture, this exhibition presents an amazing opportunity to connect to one’s faith. The items on display also speak to the countless lives that have been shaped by the singing, praying, teaching, preaching, and meditation of Scripture, many sacrificing their own lives to share the Good News, since the days of the faithful Dead Sea Scrolls scribes. Perhaps these individuals constitute the greatest, albeit intangible, treasures of the Bible for bestowing the life-giving power of God’s Word upon all humankind.